How to Setup Cloudways The Right Way - The Fastest WordPress Hosting Service For The Best Price

100 Up Hosting – How to Setup Cloudways The Right Way – The Fastest WordPress Hosting Service For The Best Price

How to Setup Cloudways The Right Way – The Fastest WordPress Hosting Service For The Best Price

100 Up Hosting

In this WordPress tutorial, I am going to show you my exact Cloudways setup. Most people set it up wrong, I will show you how to set it up the right way to maximize speed and performance.

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This video is perfect for anyone looking for a WPEngine alternative, Kinsta alternative, or SiteGround alternative. If you want better performance at a lower cost, Cloudways is for you.

Table Of Contents
00:00:00 Intro
00:01:43 What To Expect
00:04:01 Video Overview
00:05:27 Setup The Right Way
00:12:58 WordPress Site Setup
00:16:29 Domain Name & Email Hosting
00:22:25 Domain Registration With Cloudflare
00:24:58 Connect Domain
00:27:07 Get SSL
00:29:41 Email Hosting
00:34:20 My Email Setup
00:38:28 Server Optimizations
00:41:37 Connect To Server Side Caching
00:45:32 Configured a CDN
00:47:09 Speed Test GTMetrix
00:50:00 Wrap Up

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100 Up Hosting

How to Setup Cloudways The Right Way – The Fastest WordPress Hosting Service For The Best Price

46 thoughts on “100 Up Hosting – How to Setup Cloudways The Right Way – The Fastest WordPress Hosting Service For The Best Price

  1. Hey, Adam… Just hooked up my website to Redis, using your terrific tutorial. Thanks again for everything you do, Adam. Question: When is WPNinja gonna hire you to do an in-depth tutorial on how to set up/configure/integrate FluentCRM inside a WP site?

  2. I tried to follow this and now I have this error "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN" When I run diagnostics it says try to run www at the beginning of the name. I already had cloadflare with hostgator though, I deleted that and tried to do from the beginning by following this video.

  3. I am currently running my website on vultr directly using the one-click WordPress app superb performance with half cloudways price but the only problem is you have to be a little bit techy the only problem facing me is updating the PHP version(which you have to do it by your self) if anyone can help me sharing a clear tutorial on how to do it, it will save me from migrating my website.

  4. Stay away from the cloudways WordPress migration plugin. Wp vivid worked great and it was faster but let some pages with a 404. The best way that worked for me was using updraft to make a backup of the site you want to move and download updraft on the destination site and restore the backup onto the destination site. I didn’t have any 404s or bugs this way.

  5. No Vultr HF in London other than 1GB, 1 CPU – not great – realise this is a Vultr distribution limitation. In fact just to add extremely limited European availability.

  6. Created my first website using Wpcrafter guide – it was 2018 – it was a 2 hrs video – Adam recommended Inmotion hosting and Siteground that time – and I go to inmotion (shared hosting) – after 1 year the site becomes very slow – the web dev I am asking right now is saying that my hosting is the culprit of the slow website. Even the backend is slow…. – Now using this guide because I am trying cloudways. Hopefully this time… but I still appreciate your tutorials 🙂

  7. Very BAD experience with Cloudways from the very start of using them, we were trying to get our billing figured out for two days and they just ignored and closed the chat before I have a moment to read their template reply! Very disappointing

  8. I don't know if it's off by default, or if I previously turned it off, but Varnish, although running at the server level, for me, I noticed it wasn't running at the Application level. So it's worth mentioning that needs to be turned on at the application level too.

  9. EU – London servers not available on Vultr HF with no ETA on when they will be. Cloudways suggested I use Linode servers as they have much better uptime than Vultr.

  10. I switched from Siteground to Vultr HF server in March as well, because of Siteground new-joiner promotion is ended.
    CW is the best option for anyone who wants a VPS and someone can handle the server stacks and updates/maintenance at the best price in the market. (Of course, WPEngine and Kinsta stacks are brilliant, but they charge a lot more and limit your traffic)
    Also, there are lots of cloud panel allow you to have your own server with different stacks, e.g. CyberPanel for Litespeed, Gridpane, Runcloud etc.
    The downside for having CW/ other panels is you need a separate e-mail hosting to handle your e-mail, and you have the knowledge to set it up from your DNS.

  11. Can you please say why you prefer Vultr HF over linode or digitalocean? I just saw another video about cloudways cloud providers comparison. The youtuber tested the same website on each of linode, vultr and digitalocean in cloudways. The result was that linode was significantly faster than other ones big time. But now after your suggestion i'm having dilemma which one to choose.

  12. I hesitate to ask but, I see you advocating Kadence as your theme preference where it used to be Astra. They're both good themes so I'm curious why you made the switch. Is it "that" much better than Astra?

  13. As of now, I use GoDaddy for hosting my BuddyBoss themed/platformed site (learndash) and Microsoft 365 for email etc. I am very curious about switching to Cloudways but what about my Microsoft 365 mail…should I switch to GSuite or is it easy to switch it over?

  14. Set up and now running super fast. With my old host (Blue Host) the site was running like an absolute dog. A dead dog. I was getting between 11 – 16 seconds load time on average. Last check it went down to 20 seconds to load!!! Now set up with this and getting 1.83 for a server in the US (I am in London) and when checked with London server I get an astonishing 83 MILLISECONDS.

    Moral of this story. Don't get your hosting with Blue Host.

  15. Great in depth video. Thank you! But I'm totally lost. You completely gloss over how to migrate a website over to Cloudways -which Is what I want to do, and I am guessing most people want to do. Do I go ahead and download the migration app first and do that (it's full of stuff I don't understand) or do I set up on cloudways first as per your video instructions???

  16. Hi,
    Thanks a lot.
    Great content!!!
    Question: You said in another video that if you buy a hosting in Namehero and enable Memcache and Redis you get the same preformance as the expensive hosting plans.
    Can you please clarify the difference in doing so in Cloudways vs Namehero?
    Also, if I'm hosting in Cloudways can I use Lightspeed, Redis, Memcache, Breeze and Cloudflare altogether or does some of them do the same functions?

  17. Thanks a lot Adam you're doing brilliant work with your videos. Can I ask a question about setting up multiple applications on the same server. If one site gets hacked does that mean the rest of the applications will be at risk or are they completely separate? Just wondering whether to get a different server for each site. Thanks keep up the good work.

  18. In my Networking Concepts class yesterday, we were talking about DNS servers. After all this time, I learned that CNAME is actually pronounced C nom. I’ve been using Namecheap for awhile now and love them. I use Siteground for hosting and have set up my church’s website there as well. I’m looking forward to learning code so I can do all of this professionally.

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