Best Reseller Hosting For 2020

Best Hosting Under 2000 – Best Reseller Hosting For 2020

Best Reseller Hosting For 2020

Best Hosting Under 2000

In this video I discuss how to find the best Reseller Hosting package for 2020. The Internet is very dynamic, things that work today are much different than yesterday, therefore it’s always important to audit companies to ensure you’re using the latest and greatest features for your business. In this video I compare NameHero to several companies such as SiteGround, A2Hosting, HostGator, HostPaPa, etc. with the goal of providing you the knowledge to do your own research and to be able to ask the questions to ensure you’re getting the best fit for your business.

You can learn more about our world-class cloud powered Reseller Hosting here:

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Best Hosting Under 2000

Best Reseller Hosting For 2020

22 thoughts on “Best Hosting Under 2000 – Best Reseller Hosting For 2020

  1. Thanks Ryan of a great video! I'm not a technically savvy person so I very much appreciate the insights you've given. Plus you've essentially done what I was planning to do in this one video so thanks also for making my job (of selecting a reseller provider) a whole lot easier. The extra effort you put into making these videos is one of the reasons I'm very much thinking of becoming a Name Hero customer. Keep it up.

  2. Im still unsure if its time to purchase the reseller account , basically I want to host the websites of my clients, do you think if the 'Turbo package is enough for a startup?

  3. So when you sign up it seems that the pricing changes dependent on what you add, for example if I add the 13.95 at (3 years) for example and decline all other monthly additional services the new domain is $26? How, when you can get a domain anywhere for $10 or less? I wanted to get with your company but each time I put in a scenario it provides some ridiculous counter to boost the amount. The 19.99/mo came out to $34/mo declining all other options and adding 2.95 email etc. – Point, it nickel and dimes you into a higher price. Why? Why not offer a simple to the point service without the, do you want to add this… KNOWING THATS A BASIC NEED? $15 additional for WHMCS?! Why?! Some fees are monthly, or say annual but seem to be charged monthly at the price shown x 12, as aooped to being the "annual rate" as shown calculated. I just want to put things in my cart without multipliers at checkout. WYSIWYG Price/Month. If I've got to pay $50 instead of 19.99 I want to see that before Checkout when I'm like WTH, 1250?!

  4. I signed up with your Namehero and bought the Corporate Reseller package.

    Now you have rolled out new reseller packages.

    I want to change from Corporate Reseller to one of the new packages.

    How do I do this?

    Help pls

  5. hello, I have a doubt, could you explain to me how the simultaneous access limitation works in the reseller hosting plan.
    I read that Concurrent Connections: 25.
    25 connections for each site?
    25 connections in total?
    For example, I subscribe to the Silver hosting reseller plan, in the description it says that I can have 40 customers, I'm afraid that I have 40 sites and everyone will go offline if there are 25 users connected simultaneously.
    please explain this limitation to me, give an example please. thanks

  6. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I could not get my current web host (a large, well-known company), or any boutique resellers that I found online, to share any information on reselling for beginners as useful as you just did. And you covered A LOT—I watched it all. I was already convinced that I should do business with you, due to the info you're giving me for free, but when you covered the records that you keep on ratings and the links you include to third party reviews…well, that just cemented my decision. This was immensely valuable to me, thank you again. My specialization is branding and design. Though I am tech-savvy, I'm not a web tech expert and I might need some "hand-holding" when it comes to setting things up. More and more of my clients want WordPress websites, which I am definitely qualified to help them with. They are mostly small, family-owned business owners. Technology scares them and they need my help with just about everything regarding their sites…including c-panel access and setting up their accounts through the hosting companies. Because I'm doing everything anyway, I have decided to resell hosting to make things easier for everyone. That said, I still have a couple of questions that I haven't found in your videos or blog. I already have a business website and I don't want to create another one to resell hosting. If I purchase one of your reseller packages that include a WHMCS license, could the reseller site be set up as a subdomain on my current business web site? Also, would you recommend that I host my business site within my first reseller account? Or separate it from my clients? And, sorry, one more question: if I start with your basic reseller package, and don't opt for WHMCS (reseller website), how can I sell domains to my customers? I've been buying my customers' domains for them, as a package along with hosting, from my current hosting company. If you've already covered these topics in a blog post(s) or video(s), let me know and maybe post a link. I'll devour them as well. Thanks again for your help! 🙂

  7. I am going to sign up for 3 months to make sure I am treated right before signing up long term. I tried Reseller a year ago and it wasn't a good experience. Namecheap Reseller had too many capacity issues, plus they used untrained foreign people. A2 Hosting Reseller techs had inconsistent skills and support. And although Inmotion Reseller was good, there was way too much downtime. It was depressing. I thought about HostGator, but then I said let me try a smaller company..That's you.

  8. Choosing a web host (especially for reselling) is so complex, and none of the review sites agree who's best. This video really clarifies many of the features and options out there, and convinces me that NameHero provides great reseller packages at a good price. I'll be joining you guys soon. Thanks for the vid!

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