Bluehost WordPress Website Hosting Tutorial [2020]

Bluehost Plus Hosting – Bluehost WordPress Website Hosting Tutorial [2020]

Bluehost WordPress Website Hosting Tutorial [2020]

Bluehost Plus Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Website Hosting Tutorial for Beginners – How to Build a Website in 10 Mins.

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It’s become surprisingly easy to build a website from scratch even if you have no technical skills.

By the end of this video, you will have a complete website live on the internet in just 5 easy steps.

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00:00 – 0. Intro
00:25 – 1. How to Get a Free Domain & 60% Off Hosting with BlueHost
02:17 – 2. How to Login to WordPress
02:55 – 3. How to Install a WordPress Theme
04:37 – 4. How to Edit Your Website
09:07 – 5. How to Launch Your Website

Step 1 is to Get Hosting and a Domain

To get hosting and a domain, I use and recommend Bluehost because they are the best and most reliable option.

And I’ve organised a pretty cool discount to you save some money:

Get a free domain & 60% off hosting ➜

Step 2 is to Login to WordPress
Wordpress makes it very easy to create a website without coding.

With Bluehost, WordPress is preinstalled on your website, saving your a step

To login into WordPress, click “WordPress” from your bluehost account.

This will take you to your WordPress dashboard where you can edit your website.

Step 3 is to Install a New Theme

Installing a new WordPress theme will make your website look much better.

The theme I recommend is “astra” because it has dozens of free designs for you to choose from.

Step 4 is to Edit Your Website

It’s very easy to make a website look exactly how you want.

Just open the page you want to edit and click “Edit with Elementor” to start making changes instantly.

Step 5 is to Launch Your Website

This is the most exciting step

Because a website is such a unique and powerful way to connect with the world.

To launch your site, click the “coming soon” button at the top of the page and then click “launch your site”.

Congratulations your site is now live!

Thanks for watching!
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Bluehost Plus Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Website Hosting Tutorial [2020]

34 thoughts on “Bluehost Plus Hosting – Bluehost WordPress Website Hosting Tutorial [2020]

  1. before buying hosting from Bluehost, check first there real prices and it's weird when you want to renew your plan, they doubling the prices you will pay 4.95$/month for the first year and then they will charge 7.99$/month for the next year, I recommend that you use a hosting provider that they don't hide prices and they have the same renewal price, Doohost can be a good choice they have the same renewal price and they don't hide prices.

  2. The domain isn’t free. It’s a trick. You are paying for it. Otherwise when getting a refund you would get everything you paid. Instead they say, we don’t refund the domain. If the domain is free then why are you saying you don’t refund for domain?

  3. Hi Daragh. Really fantastic video, thank you.

    Do you have a recommended plugin that is capable of hosting pictures, a scheduling/calendar plugin, and some sort of secure payment plugin? Like what a fancy barber shop or salon might have?

    Edit: Already learning more from your videos, I meant theme, not plugin. Or if there isn't a one stop solution, a recommended starter theme with a few plugins that provide those services well.

  4. Hi Daragh. I have a small issue. When I try to install the free Astra Starter site I only get the Astra Widgets option. I can't figure out why as I followed your ever word to the letter. Can you please help me overcome this matter.
    Kind Regards!

  5. Hello Daragh, I'm currently taking your digital marketing course on Udemy. I have an issue with importing demo data of the theme to my wordpress site. 
    I've tried to do it manually, to download and activate all the required and recommended plugins for the theme, make download size big enough on the website, I also contacted bluehost support team but they couldn't identify the issue.
    If you have any suggestions that could help to solve this problem, I would be very appreciated! Besides this problem, I really enjoy studying your course!

  6. Thanks for the video , i’ve a question , I already have a wordpress blog ( free plan ) for many years and now i wanna host it and make it professional blog and get rid of the ( ) in my blog link . What steps should i do ? Do i’ve to start all over again or is there anyway i can host the existing blog into blue host ?
    Thank you so much

  7. This is so great it very helpful. I started a youtube channel and just closed my eyes and didnt it. Only problem is this you are offering is not month to month. The plan I pickeds was for 3 years at that amazing price. It shows close to $150.00 for the 3 years and in SA that is alot of money. Being unemployed I cannot pay once off if it was month to month then yes.
    But I do understand why its like this. But as soon as I'm am sorted I will take this great plan. Keep bless us with this great content♥

  8. Thank you for this. It has been very helpful. I moved my website to HostGator 3 days ago from GoDaddy. My goal was to update the site using WordPress and make it awe-and-then-some. HostGator does not update their platforms so it was 15 hours a day of nothing but failed efforts and no support. Bluehost seems to be much more on top of things. The site is right now back at GoDaddy… but I plan on creating a new site at BH. Your video helped me a lot!!!

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