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Difference Between Hosting and Server – What is FTP? | GoDaddy

What is FTP? | GoDaddy

Difference Between Hosting and Server

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a set of rules that govern how computers on the internet transfer files to and from one another. This video explains the role of FTP in website development and how you can use FTP software to upload and move files yourself. For more information visit

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn what FTP is?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. What’s a protocol?
A protocol is a set of rules used by computers that are connected, or networked together, which specify how the computers communicate or interact with one other.

There are a variety protocols that manage interactions at various levels in the networked computing environment we know as the Internet.

For example, some Internet protocols are used to govern how data is exchanged between two computers, or hardware devices, while other protocols dictate how data is exchanged at the application, or software level.

FTP is a protocol that computers on the internet use to transfer files to and from one another.

If you’re developing a website, FTP is a critical part of the process. FTP enables you upload your website files from your computer to a hosted web server, so that your site is can be viewed on the internet.

The best way to make use of FTP is through an FTP client. An FTP client is a software application that offers a simplified way to log into a server, navigate between folders, and move files to and from the server.

FTP clients also allow you upload multiple files at once, which can be helpful if you’re uploading a lot of files at once… say like a website.

There are many different stand-alone FTP clients in prices that range from free to more than a hundred dollars.

GoDaddy supports the free FTP client, Filezilla.

Is your GoDaddy hosting account set up? Are your website files ready to go? Consider downloading an FTP client first to make the upload process quicker and easier!

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Difference Between Hosting and Server

What is FTP? | GoDaddy

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