How to choose a good domain name and website hosting for Photographers. Photography Marketing Tips

domain plus hosting – How to choose a good domain name and website hosting for Photographers. Photography Marketing Tips

How to choose a good domain name and website hosting for Photographers. Photography Marketing Tips

domain plus hosting

Do you even know what a domain name is? Having a hard time deciding which website hosting company to use? You found the right video. I am going to give …

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domain plus hosting

How to choose a good domain name and website hosting for Photographers. Photography Marketing Tips

25 thoughts on “domain plus hosting – How to choose a good domain name and website hosting for Photographers. Photography Marketing Tips

  1. Hi Joe
    I agree with everyone else about how good this video is. I looked at your website to see if there were other videos in a similar vein – do you have any others with information/advice on setting up your own website?
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. I have a quick question that I've been losing sleep over. So, I'm a music composer and have been working as such for a number of years now with a website and all. I've also been working as a retoucher and have decided to go freelance as I do with music. My dilemma is, when putting together my retouching website, should I have a different website for each trade, or could I have both trades advertised under the same domain (identity)? Simply speaking, should I worry about people thinking that because I do two different jobs,
    they're getting a 'jack of all trades' like quality and thus make sure I'm not associated with Alex Harris 'the music composer'? Thanks in advance!! and great video!!!!

  3. Hey, Jo. At what level do you need to be where you have that many domain names? Is that for people that specifically have photography competitors with their same name? Or is it for people making accidental misspellings when trying to find you?

  4. Hi Joe,
    You channel helped me great deal and much appreciate you efforts and unique style.
    My first name is "Fahad" (Leopard) in Arabic, would "Fahadography" cut it? how you feel about it? specially it's available as domain and social media.

    The variation of my firstname lastname are taken.

    thx a lot!

  5. First of all: Awesome videos! It really helps a lot.

    I got two questions:
    1: What if my name is horrible to spell? Its not like someone might forget a letter like in your name. In my case it's a very old medieval word, that nobody with my mother tongue knows nowadays :/ As it is old it is horrible to spell properly.

    2: What if I plan on changing my name? When I get married in 2-3 years I don't want to keep this name, as it is complicated and not very flattering.

  6. Ha, ha, I went with SquareSpace because, as you said, many YouTubers (or more like, all of them) would hold the video hostage as they read off a script about the service. I did look into other sites, like Format, but not many people were talking about these other hosts. If they were talking, the articles weren't too helpful. Perhaps after this year subscription is up, I'll look into Format.

    Thanks for your tips, Joe. I'm not a people shooter, but I still find your tips helpful regardless!

  7. I've been absolutely paralyzed about choosing what to do about making a website. I'm not saying your guide is the gospel, but it's definitely fantastic for figuring out how to start. Thank you.

  8. Hi Mate, Thanks for explaining things in such a non techi jargon. It makes sense and I appreciate it a ton. Subscribe and Shared :). I would love to hear your thoughts on my domain name dilemma. I have recently started a Leadership and development program for kids age 5 to 13. My company provides this leadership program through the medium of fine arts. I named the company Trans-fo-minds (short for transform minds). Although I am in love with this name, I do feel that it is not easy to remember (debatable) would you recommend sticking with domain name or (G for globle). I feel that t4mg will be more easy to remember for parents. Please advice

  9. Hi Joe, I have a friend that wants to make a (paid) website for me. I told him I was considering doing something like Format. His response was "Any service that ask you to pay like format or wix or others. You dont own the site. You only own the content. If there is ever a problem, you will have to start from scratch. You lose all data, customer info etc." What are your thoughts on this? Thanks!

  10. Are you familiar with proof sites like Shootproof, Collages, and Instaproofs? I have used them all and found Shootproof to suit my needs best, but am curious on your thoughts to these sites.

  11. Joe, on the subject of domain names I was hoping you would have discussed the issue of having a phonetic name. That's an important consideration I think. For example my name is "David Putzier" and that seems like a horrible domain name for a business. I could never just say my domain name to someone without having to spell it out or write it down. Its not memorable either. Your name is fairly phonetic. Also what about if you have an "iffy" last name like Hitler or Crapper or something!! ????

  12. Hi Joe, thanks for the tips! I would suggest you to include recommendations for online payment processing services for those photographers who may sell downloadable images and/or payment gateways for photography sessions, in their websites. I'd love to hear your experience regarding this.

  13. Thanks for the very useful information, Joe! I know from experience that Wix really sucks! But if they used only 10% of their marketing budget on customer service, they would be okay for portfolio hosting! But they are too big and ignorant.
    I was on my way to Squarespace, but will take a closer look at Format before I make a final decision this summer.

  14. Nice trick you have there up on your sleeve Joe, you present it talking so fast that those of us who do need to think about it have to watch it more than once, but I don't mind, it's a useful and highly informative learning material for everyone 🙂 Keep up with great work and keep them coming!

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