My first POP-UP SHOp

hosting a pop up shop – My First Pop-Up Shop

My First Pop-Up Shop

hosting a pop up shop

Hey guys! I just participated in my first op up shop and it was so much fun! In this video, you’ll see me prepare for the day as well as some behind the scenes footage. Be on the lookout for part 2 where I’ll talk more in depth about how to go about participating in events as a vendor and overall planning for the experience.Thanks for watching this video! Below you can find a list of resources for new and aspiring boutique owners.

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hosting a pop up shop

My First Pop-Up Shop

22 thoughts on “hosting a pop up shop – My First Pop-Up Shop

  1. My first pop up shop is tonight. And have been invited to another in March. I sell eyewear, I'm bringing most of my inventory just because I dont want to under estimate myself and miss out on a sale. My goal is similar to yours at least 10 sells and $300 in revenue.

  2. Hi Jance so glad you brought us along. I’m planning to do my first pop up shop soon. Appreciate all your videos ❤️

    sn: maybe I’m late but I never knew you was married lol

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