Why Pop Up shops are good for business.

hosting a pop up shop – Why Pop Up shops are good for business.

Why Pop Up shops are good for business.

hosting a pop up shop

Pop up shops are key for exposure and provide a method to generate quick revenue by engaging with potential customers. Awesome event to partake in for existing businesses and especially great for new boutique owners trying to push inventory.

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hosting a pop up shop

Why Pop Up shops are good for business.

34 thoughts on “hosting a pop up shop – Why Pop Up shops are good for business.

  1. I’m planning my first pop-up event next weekend I’m nervous to say the least. Thank you so much for sharing this info. I’m new to the Boutique business but I want to push my business far and get my name out there. I wish I could see how you did yours so I could learn what to do vs what not to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated❤️

  2. Looking to open a boutique online thru Shopify Do you think it’s necessary to hire someone to build me a website ..I’m lost don’t know much about computers lol or web design? also would love to see more videos about pop up shops

  3. Aww you made me shed a tear !!! You helped me get my business stared! Even went to Cali with your assistance!! Happy to say I now have my very Own Space ! Its not BIG!! Just the the Perfect size for My Startup! I just wanted to say thanks for all you do and Much Success to You!!!

  4. Jackie, you are truly my inspiration. I just launched my online boutique and am always looking to your video for help and motivation. At the end of this video though, i wanted to cry with you! Like i want to be your friend lol. Keep up the great content!!

  5. OMG u are awesome. I just started following you….this is the 3rd or 4th video I've seen, and you are so inspiring and REAL. What a blessing for me & so many others. Thank you so much, keep doing what you're doing & don't let anything or anybody stop you!! ❤️

  6. Yes sooooo helpful, I was thinking about if I should start doing this cause I’m in the start up stage and haven’t been getting much traffic on my website so will definitely be doing a pop up shop after seeing this video

  7. Thank you for your advice you give…I too will be working out bedroom trying to do my online store..so far I'm working on the little things i need ….I've had a quad bypass and was told I couldnt work but have a son to support..im driving for instacart and that little check weekly is buying lighting packaging and so on..I will get there…. I do wonder though after the business name and sales number do I need to go get a federal tax number too?

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