Hosting at Cheap Price – Best Affordable & Fast Web Hosting in India (2020) – Ft. Hostinger

Best Affordable & Fast Web Hosting in India 🔥(2020) – Ft. Hostinger

Hosting at Cheap Price

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Hosting at Cheap Price

Best Affordable & Fast Web Hosting in India 🔥(2020) – Ft. Hostinger

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  1. For Extra Discount Visit:
    And Enter Coupon Code: KRIPESH

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    0:44 Overview
    1:55 Server Response Time
    2:36 Speed
    3:24 Average Speed
    3:58 Uptime
    4:26 Load Test
    7:02 Cache Plugin
    7:18 Data Centers
    7:30 Domain Name
    7:40 Backups
    7:57 Ease of Use
    8:06 Support
    8:45 Inode Count
    8:58 Pricing
    9:36 Best Plans
    9:57 Discount
    10:30 Purchase Option
    10:36 Refund policy
    10:50 SSL
    11:04 Migration
    11:11 Softwares
    11:38 Site Builder
    11:49 Pros
    12:05 Cons
    12:20 Bottom line
    12:48 Training Program

  2. I have purchased their Premium Shared Hosting and I'm getting 259ms Banglore response time using the Singapore Server. On the other hand, you are getting 58ms with the same Premium Shared Hosting Singapore Server. Huge Difference! Can you please tell me why I'm not getting a good server response?

    I compared Hostinger Hosting with Namecheap and I'm getting better performance. I've tested both Hostings using the same default WordPress theme.

  3. The plan renewal date for 2 yr plan does not match. If today anybody purchases a 2 yr premium plan, it should be valid till Oct 2022, but it showing 11.2.'22, similarly for 4 yr plan, the renewal date given as 11.2.24, which shd have been from the date of purchase . i.e. Oct '24. Unless it confirms like this, no point in purchasing through you ,

  4. Hii I am doing a service startup in the fields of legal,accounting,registration,and finance
    My initial plan was to introduce all of this services on my own but recently I have come across a startup which is providing the accounting and registration services in the same manner that I had planned so should I integrate with them or should I introduce my own services? If I should integrate them what should be The agreement? Because my friends told me that if I ll integrate I will share my user data base with them and which they can use it in the future to acquire my users
    Please advice me on this I am from a management background and not from an it background

  5. Kripesh brother, ek ajeeb sa incident hua Hostinger ke saath. Maine 2 different accounts banaye different email id se aur dono me domains purchase kiye but ek account me domain ke saath cloud hosting bhi li. Ab hua ye ki main socha jisme hosting nahi hai us domain ko hosting wale account me add kar lun so that main ek hi hosting se dono website run kar lun. To main cloud hosting account se doosre domain ko add website kar ke add kar liya. Surprisingly wo add ho bhi gaya aur live bhi ho gaya. Mere pehle account me jisme sirf domain liya tha uski registered email id pe na to koi notification gaya aur na hi us account me koi notification aaya ki ye domain kisi ne map kar liya hai.

    Ab question ye hai ki ese to koi bhi meri website apne hosting account me add kar sata hai agar uske paas bhi hostinger ka hosting account hai to. Aur mere customers ko mere domain ke andar esi website dikha sakta hai jo meri nahi hai.

    Ye maine unse support ticket raise karke bhi poocha to unhone bhi confirm kiya ki domain owner ke paas koi confirmation nahi jata. Kya esa hi hota hai baaki sab me bhi?

  6. I'm taking a hostinger hosting based on your advice. Hostinger gives free SSL certificate. what does the cloudfare protect adds to it that hostinger is upselling? Awaiting your response.thanks.

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