Never Order Fettuccine Alfredo At Olive Garden. Here's Why.

hosting at olive garden – Never Order Fettuccine Alfredo At Olive Garden. Here's Why.

Never Order Fettuccine Alfredo At Olive Garden. Here's Why.

hosting at olive garden

The pasta dish was likely invented in Rome by a restaurateur serving his pregnant wife, but it’s made major waves in the United States. The thick, buttery sauce, seasoned with garlic and Romano cheese, has spent years sneaking its way into pizzas, soups, and cheesy casseroles.

And what simpler way is there to enjoy Alfredo than at Olive Garden, engulfed in a cloud of parmesan-scented bliss? But allegedly, some all-knowing Olive Garden employees beg to differ. In a pretty spicy Reddit thread, a user strongly cautioned against ordering the dish at Olive Garden. The user wrote,

“It’s a ripoff…It takes 20 seconds to make the dish. Servers purposely wait to send orders to the kitchen just to make it seem more authentic. Save $15 and make it yourself at home.”

Our Reddit user’s got a point. The beloved Alfredo dish can be pricey, usually ranging from $13 to $17, depending on where you order it. At Olive Garden’s Time Square location, an order of fettuccine Alfredo clocks in at $19.49, and that’s before you decide to add chicken or shrimp. All for a plate of pasta, cream, and cheese? No veggies, no protein, and the dish doesn’t even take much effort to prepare?

At the same time, we’ve got to give the pseudo-Italian chain some credit: Olive Garden has certainly gotten creative with the signature sauce.

“I mean take, take yesterday, for example. We were, we were out at the Olive Garden for dinner, which was lovely.”

You can order it tossed with grilled chicken or sauteed scallops. You can eat it with a sirloin steak. You can dip breadsticks into it, if that’s what you’re into.

Olive Garden even got weird with it and crafted a pizza-crust bread bowl that could hold a heaping of Alfredo sauce and grilled chicken. And apparently, in July, the chain announced that staff will be adding more Alfredo sauce to dishes. What cold-hearted Alfredo enthusiast could resist so many options?

Then again, Olive Garden has faced some harsh criticism when it comes to the chain’s pasta dishes. Olive Garden certainly isn’t a true facet of Italian cuisine, let’s not forget that fettuccine Alfredo is almost impossible to come by in Rome or Naples. At the same time, we’ve got standards, and Olive Garden doesn’t always fulfill our simplest expectations.

Sure, Olive Garden is not based in a whimsical Italian villa, but the chain could at least salt the pasta water. According to a report by Business Insider, Olive Garden’s staff has spent years not doing so, in an attempt to make the pots last longer. What? Salty water is the most basic and essential rule of good pasta.

And if you’ve ever found your fettuccine Alfredo to be a little, ahem, doughy, you’re not imagining it. Olive Garden does not cook its pasta al dente, or firm. Instead, the chain deliberately allows the pasta to cook until it’s soft and soggy, to please customers. It’s a pasta crime for everyone: Not only is al dente pasta healthier, it’s a lot closer to what you’d eat in Italy.

The good news definitely outweighs the bad, because making the same dish at home really doesn’t take much time. And, there are enough copycat recipes of the iconic Olive Garden dish to help you along. In fact, there are tons of recipes out on the glorious internet, attempting to emulate the restaurant’s signature dish. It’s almost creepy, but also exciting. Keep watching the video to see why you should never order fettuccine Alfredo at Olive Garden. Here’s why.

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Never Order Fettuccine Alfredo At Olive Garden. Here's Why.

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