hosting at olive garden – OLIVE GARDEN HORROR STORIES


hosting at olive garden

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hosting at olive garden


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  1. You are so right..I from Houston,Tx,,I moved to Birmingham,AL Sundays were the worst,no matter what I did cou;ldnt please the guest ,,I even tried to have back up,sugar caddies ,napkins,ranch ,butter,brd,lemons,xtra sauces,,even mints even practiced my routine like "yesI make sure to put xtra alcohol,xtra shrimp.bag up food,still feel short..then you get the waiter curse"your the best server we ever done had" whats you name I would tell them 'Bobby Boucher Jr.I wont miss the Bubba tops,or the Firestones.love the way you tell it…brought back memories,my alcohol increased during that time.

  2. I walked out of olive garden last year because my coworkers kept cutting me down all the time and I was a double so I was about to go on break and my coworker said I am going first because I am hungry! So she took forever on her break and customers kept saying give us a booth! We don't want to sit here!! I want to be away from kids! Then I was taking a entitled mom back with a baby and she said give us a booth now! We want a booth! I lost it and said I am done working here and have to put up with entitled whiny customers! I grabbed my stuff and walked out of olive garden, I will never work there again and the customers complain about everything and the mangers take their side! Hate olive garden

  3. Yes girl I refuse to work on Sundays. After church diners are the worst (but accurate) ambassadors of religion. Your an adult whose planning your day around fairytales really what can I expect? Side note I’ve seen you commenting on other true crime videos and clicked on your pic. Box dye? I’m shooketh. I,live in NC too . I really like visiting Charlotte are you still there? moving to Charlotte video could be a thing ….

  4. ok but does anyone else make horrible tips there?? ive been there for a month and a half and the unlimited ssb has me constantly running back and fourth. im working my ass off but i only get 3
    tables and make like 50 a night lol

  5. my least favorite OG promotions from an employee perspective is unlimited pasta bowl and fucking buy one take one. because you ALWAYS have the hoes who try it with you.

  6. I don't understand rude customers at restaurants. I respect them, and I like to strike up a conversation even. Honestly, I couldn't do what they do. I wouldn't be a good waitress. I have always also tipped nicely, because being on your feet that long, taking crap from customers like this, and doing a good job. Yes, have I gotten some off waiters? Yes, but I still tip them. Maybe they just had a customer like this and made them have a bad mood. Honestly, I wouldn't be able to hold back my tongue to these customers.

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  8. Serving takes all the patience in the world. At certain times biting your tongue is almost impossible. It's people like that, that should be forced to work a week in the service industry! Learn how it feels.

  9. I recently went to Olive Garden with my boyfriend and a friend from work to grab a bite before going into my shift at my other job. Just a nice lunch with good company before a long night. Until an older couple was sat at a table next to us. They gave our waiter the most difficult time. Constant complaining and sending him back and forth. For things beyond his control, but he handled it as most do while serving bitchy customers, with a smile. So whenever he came up to our table we were just overly nice to him, made jokes and light conversation, and were just super grateful. As soon as he’d walk away we’d just make these disgusted faces at our “neighbors”. Indicating that they were just awful while rolling our eyes at them. We made sure to leave him a nice tip and specifically asked for the manager to let them know that our waiter was exceptional. I hope the rest of his night was a good one.

  10. I had this awful couple sitting next to me in a local restaurant. I paid their check as they just starting eating and and asked the server to put it on the table as paid.They ask me why I did it and told them they are horrible people and should stat home.

  11. It's mind boggling that anyone treats people this way. Seriously – if there were no wait staff, there would be no restaurants. Show some bloody respect for people doing an honest day's work. Frigging scammers! Sorry you had to deal with such inhumane idiots.

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