Serving at Olive Garden Story Time!

hosting at olive garden – Serving at Olive Garden Story Time!

Serving at Olive Garden Story Time!

hosting at olive garden


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hosting at olive garden

Serving at Olive Garden Story Time!

33 thoughts on “hosting at olive garden – Serving at Olive Garden Story Time!

  1. I can connect with this experience. I am in the healthcare industry and I encountered a lot of patients that have an attitude. Sometimes it lowers someone’s morale to be treated like trash.

    It doesn’t hurt to be kind.

  2. hey maybe you did mess up but that lady was totally overreacting and seems like entilted behavior. I mean the salad is free anyway, right? Even if it isn't, everyone makes mistakes

  3. I do like my salad first, but I would never make a big deal about it. If that’s the worst thing that happens to me, then I would have had a really good day. People need to learn their priorities. There are kids in hospitals dying of cancer and she’s upset that her salad came out at the wrong time. SMFH

  4. I worked at Olive Garden as a waitress before in an extremely busy area… it was absolutely horrid. There were soooo many amazing customers, but the ones that were awful people overshadowed them by leaps and bounds.

  5. Seriously?! Eat your fucking pasta and salad together lady. Holy shit. I hate people. Honey, you made a MINOR mistake, they were awful! We are all human, and I bet KAREN has never worked customer service in her life!

  6. I prefer to eat my salad after my other food…….which is probably why after 10+ years of waitressing I STILL…….. Always……. Forget to bring the salads out….. I've never had anyone give me the cold shoulder and stiff me over it though.

  7. The problem with restaurants is your dealing with people who waited too long to eat. They will take their anger out on you for something that could of been prevented with a snack. Going to a restaurant that is always busy like OG you gotta know as a customer your gonna have a seating wait time, server may have too many tables. its okay to ask for your server if they have forgot about you.

  8. Lord. I'm sorry but ur someone i wouldn't want to ever work with bc u cry over nothing. Honestly ur doing stuff that should be common sense not to do. U seem to think u didn't do anything wrong still. Lol a giant salad, three salad played, three entrees, bread. What would u have done on a two top table??? Lol u wouldn't do that bc it wouldn't fit.

  9. Honestly it’s still rude not to tip just bc somebody brings out the salad too late. Especially bc they were offered to just focus on the salad and the entree could be taken away. A solution was offered & they denied it. Stupid they were still upset ! People are unbelievable lol

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