Storytime: WAITER AT OLIVE GARDEN | TheGayBestie

hosting at olive garden – Storytime: WAITER AT OLIVE GARDEN | TheGayBestie

Storytime: WAITER AT OLIVE GARDEN | TheGayBestie

hosting at olive garden

My first job after college was becoming a waiter at Olive Garden

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hosting at olive garden

Storytime: WAITER AT OLIVE GARDEN | TheGayBestie

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  1. Because people judge is one of main reasons I always tip a minimum of 20% regardless of the service I received. I’m a Hispanic, single mom of a little boy, and we enjoy going to restaurants. I’ve heard that Hispanics are bad tippers so I always tip very well. I have my masters degree and earned my undergrad degree from a Ivy League university… I got my ish together, and I’m so tired of the stereotypes!

  2. maaan i work at OG currently and i promise you i couldn't help but smile to know someone else went through it. I've gotten to the point i don't even like going out to restaurants because people are way to picky and i'm not haha

  3. I once was serving a table and I was at a small local sandwich shop when a 3 top came in. They were very upset from earlier in the day because their mom had just died. I say there and talked to them for hours since I was cut and they were my last table. They were the sweetest people and I ended up giving them all a hug. They then tipped me a 50 dollar bill and their bill was on $35. They’re now still my regulars to this day

  4. Your so sweet. I am sorry you did not make much at Olive Garden, I have heard that from other people
    who worked there also. Thanks for your insight about serving. I am 59 and have worked serving for
    27 years part time at night. It is a love hate relationship for me. I wish everyone had to do this job for
    at least a year so people could be compassionate to there servers. God Bless You! Love You!

  5. My mother was a waitress so I've always been respectful and nice in general to waiters or tried at least, tip them well and just being polite and accessible. Last year I worked as a waitress myself and did it well enough that now my former clients keep complimenting me for my attention. As a waitress/waiter you realize how rude can people be for no reason and teaches you to be grateful when you're on the costumer's side. Be polite with your waiters people, almost no one has the strong desire of serving food to strangers, if they are doing it is out of need, NEVER disrespect the people that serves your food. Ever.

  6. The restaurant business sucks you work for the man you work your ass off for the man and even though you never see the man that's who your working for the man it's a thankless line of work get out as soon as you can it will kill you believe me I know

  7. You have such a good personality!! I am a server at an Italian restaurant and I can relate sooo much. We're fine dining but it's a small town so we have to make some our options cheap. Some tables go all out with wine, apps, desserts etc and tip well while some only order 2 cheap entrees and beer/water and tip like 5$. The other night I had the worst experience…it was super crowded, I was working upstairs so I had a total cardio workout haha. But this table of 6 with two babies came in and ordered 200 dollars worth of food and left a 60 cent tip, and I was so hurt because I worked so hard to keep them happy, even getting them beer samples, crazy cocktails, running upstairs and back with everything and i had 3 other tables at the time as well, it was just a nightmare. They seemed fine but one of those weird quiet tables? The most I ever got on a tip was 250 from a giant company though. Fine dining is the only serving job thats worth it tbh

  8. That’s way too true that you should never stereotype anyone. When I worked at my first waitressing job, this group of over 20 people came in. Of course we had a rotation, but no one wanted the big top because everyone else stereotyped them just because of their skin color. I got so angry that no one wanted to serve them and my manager told the hostess not to sit me another big top because I had just got sat one. So I told everyone I could handle both because it was just wrong. The manager told other waitresses to help me, but no one did. I didn’t care. The big top everyone judged not only cleaned the entire table and stacked everything neatly on the side for me, but they tipped me over $80. They were so polite the entire time, they saw me working my butt off with the other huge table and complimented me profusely on how good of a job I was doing juggling everything. Once I told everyone about the table, they all felt so stupid because they missed out so much. The big top everyone judged told me that they would keep asking for me every time, and they did.

  9. Well, the main thing to working at Olive Garden is not to tell the customers how to pronounce the menu items if you have no clue. I stopped going to Olive garden because one of those waitresses/ waiters pronounced Zeppole as Za-poly and insisted that was the right way. I am the daughter of an Italian immigrant. It's pronounced Zeh-po-leh. And even with her being rude I gave her the minimum tip but I usually get my phone calculator out and tip according to level of service. 15-20%. I know they are working hard.

  10. I like giving tips in the beginnings to ensure a good service, most of the time the servers take off with the tip and never come back for the actual service.

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