Storytime: Working at Olive Garden

hosting at olive garden – Storytime: Working at Olive Garden

Storytime: Working at Olive Garden

hosting at olive garden

Hello guys!
I know, I know it’s been a minute, but I’m back and super excited to show you guys some videos I’ve been working on… coming soon!

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hosting at olive garden

Storytime: Working at Olive Garden

12 thoughts on “hosting at olive garden – Storytime: Working at Olive Garden

  1. Babe you’re so naive. Sometimes you just gotta make shit up can’t come in on New Years my mom is in the ER. Play their game when it comes to jobs. You have to make the coin regardless. But definitely don’t work somewhere where you become uncomfortable period. Jobs shouldn’t be feel like a chore the entire time either.

  2. I’m putting my 2 weeks in tomorrow! I’m a busser and host and since bussers quit all the time they won’t let me be a server so I’ll be a server some where else. They hire servers and to go specialists a lot but there’s people who’ve been there for years that can’t move up especially bussers because they quit all the time. Idk if this is the case in other locations.

  3. Just finished washing the video and I was laughing so hard about rolling silverware. I only had to roll silverware once and I HATED it. I know some don't mind doing it but nah. 26:15 makes me so mad because that happens so often. The managers will tell you one thing and then the waiters want to get pissed. People do talk about each other on whatever team you are on. Had a manager tell me and another host to get dirt on host because he was always on his phone and lying about it.

  4. So I worked at Olive Garden prior to Covid in early 2020. I applied and got set up for an interview. So say there was a person ahead of me whose interview was taking longer than expected. I sat there for 45 mins waiting. Most interviews at OG do involve meeting with at least 2 managers (the one for the job you are applying, whether its cook, server, or hosting wtv) and then the head manager of the restaurant. As the newbie you are almost always going to close as a hostess. My managers would almost always ask me to close. I was okay with it most days because hey I get paid until I clock out but I knew the other hostesses were skipping out on their chores before leaving so I would have to do theirs and mine before leaving. People with other job titles do not realize the amount of work we put in. Unless you get buddy buddy with a busser who doesn't mind finishing one or two tables for you after closing you will be staying late. anyways thats my lil experience sorry about the long post.

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