Struggles of being a Hostess | Jessica Cruz

hosting at olive garden – Struggles of being a Hostess | Jessica Cruz

Struggles of being a Hostess | Jessica Cruz

hosting at olive garden

Hello and hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday. I’ve been a hostess at two different restaurants for about 2 years now and here’s just a couple of the things that drive me crazy. If you work in the food industry, I’m sure you can relate.
Just wanted to say thank you for all the support so far, it means so much!
Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you guys next week!


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hosting at olive garden

Struggles of being a Hostess | Jessica Cruz

37 thoughts on “hosting at olive garden – Struggles of being a Hostess | Jessica Cruz

  1. I put reserve signs on our big booths to save them for bigger parties even when we don't have reservations. I just don't like to seat 1 person at a big booth by themself. So yes Kim when I tell you it's reserved, mind your business.

  2. Very nicely put. People have no common sense, what is wrong with these people? Thank you for this information! I applied for a Hostess position, and got the job, glad to know what to expect! I know you are a patient Hostess, I can tell. Snapping fingers? I will cut them off. Lol. In my mind. Lol.

  3. And all of you young haters of their job just because of some small things should fucking loose your job and let normal people work! Now I see why they hire eldery hostesses in USA! Because they appreciate their job and don’t get pissed so easily as all the spoiled bitches! I can’t believe there is so much hatred going on in restaurants, the places where the people suppose to enjoy!

  4. You guys say :” you are not a king just because you pay money”?- you are nei there kings and queens just because you work there! We are customers, Not your employees! Don’t fucking think you are a boss! And yes, we don’t have to know the rules! We just came to relax and spend good time! This is why some people come up and say : “table for 2”. Cause they are experienced enough to figure out you hate your job and hate your customers! So why bothering asking how you are if knowing you hate everyone?

  5. After all that I just don’t want to go to a restaurant as a guest. Why should I spend money and get the tension in exchange praying that nobody spits in my plate because I by chance pissed someone off or JUST BECAUSE someone’s hates their job? I’d rather just go to a small family restaurant where the owner greats me and no one hates me.

  6. If your host asks you if you’d like a booth in the bar section, unless you have a very legitimate reason why you can’t sit there (like you’re a recovering alcoholic or something and sitting there would be a trigger for you, for example), just say yes please!!!! I’m asking you this only because it’s the server in that section’s turn to be sat and you saying, “um no,” really just throws everything out of whack! Please and thank you!

  7. My pet peeves as a hostess: 1.) When customers seat themselves (especially when they walk past little ol me standing at the hostess stand) 2.) When they move after I've sat them (I like to stay with rotation) 3.) When I tell them it's a wait and they decide "nope" and ho sit at a table, then I get yelled at! Fuck!!

  8. If a hostess asks you to move, it's probably for a good reason. Someone sat themselves, the section was closed, I asked him if I could take him to another section and he said, "I don't want to move." Rolled my eyes, got him a drink and straight up left cause it was the end of my shift and I wanted to go home

  9. Oh man ive had people sneak by us when two of us were seating and one is busy rolling our sliverware. They walk in and don't pay first because I work in a buffet and you have to pay first. The waitresses come up to us hostess and say, "Did you seat them cause they don't have a receipt." Or, "Did you seat them in a closed section." If you see a wait to be seated sign you wait to be seated

  10. Fellow hostess, may I ask how many hostess in total work at your restaurant? I just got hired part time and I was pretty excited that they chose me having never worked at a restaurant. But I just found out that they have 22 hostess! (Including me) Isn't that like too many? I asked if they knew how many hours I'll be working and they said they didn't know since a lot of hostess are leaving because of school and they still need to work out schedules….so want to get an idea of many hostess other restaurants have. Thanks!

  11. I don't host a lot, but one time when I did, I sat these ladies down and gave them a drink menu as I'm supposed to and one was like "we don't need any beer or anything so take that back" and I don't know what the deal was so I took it back and after I sent the menus down which is the last thing I do before returning to my stand, she was like "and we don't need any cornbread either we know exactly what we want" and I was like. I'm not your fucking server. I get not needing alcohol (she could have just said "oh we're not going to be drinking" or something like that instead of telling me very rudely that you don't need a drink menu) but she was such a bitch. I also had a table of three sat at a four-top but they moved to a six-top for no fucking reason other than they didn't like their table. Suck it up asshole you're gonna sit where I fucking put you and you're gonna deal with it.

  12. Working as a host is pretty chill but it can be annoying. Like when customers ask you for shit like bitch I’m not the waitress. Or when they don’t know what they’re gonna do. Like sis why are you going out to eat if you don’t know how much people are coming? Or when they keep asking to move that bitch make up your mind!!!

  13. I hate when people come in without reservations and get angry when I seat people that do have reservations before them. Like of course I’m going to seat everyone with reservations first.

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