The Untold Truth Of Olive Garden

hosting at olive garden – The Untold Truth Of Olive Garden

The Untold Truth Of Olive Garden

hosting at olive garden

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hosting at olive garden

The Untold Truth Of Olive Garden

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  1. I don't miss Applebee's. I won't miss Friday's (formerly TGIF).

    As an occasional customer at Olive Garden, I think the bread sticks policy is fine. The initial serving brought out is sufficient for the size of the party. More bread sticks are brought out if a customer requests them. Limiting waste is a good thing.

  2. I personally LOVE the Olive Garden. I heard years ago, and wonder if true or not, that the original CEO during the General Mills period was asked "why is this not more authentic Italian food" and his reply was "we did not intend to make the food real Italian, instead we aimed for what most Americans think of as Italian food.

  3. Of course millennials love it. They don’t know how to cook. I personally would prefer to go to a mom and pop Italian restaurant where the cuisine is authentic. I remember going there about 10 years ago, the last time I went there… And I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and the pasta sauce was marinara. You know, the shit you use for dipping shrimp. It was freaking disgusting.

  4. I ate at Olive Garden last night, was up all night feeling like I was going to hurl! What has happened to the size of the portions! I had the tour of Italy, I remember when it came on a big platter and so much food I would wonder if I would finish it, last night I thought what’s for dinner after eating, I told my wife if I owned a place to eat I would be ashamed to serve portions that small, everything would’ve fit on an 8” plate! 2 fork fills of fettuccine, that’s it and am 1-1/2×1-1/2” square of lasagna! I guess it was for the better since I got sick!!!

  5. Olive garden the FAKE Italian restaurant where you eat fake Italian food. The Olive garden culinary instituteof tuscany never heard of it, but real Italian chefs would never teach you how to cook food so obscene. Keep up to date and learn about real Italian food

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