How to buy Hosting and Domain name in 5 minutes - Launch a Blog 1/4

Hosting Buy – How to buy Hosting and Domain name in 5 minutes – Launch a Blog 1/4

How to buy Hosting and Domain name in 5 minutes – Launch a Blog 1/4

Hosting Buy

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Welcome to ShoutMeLoud Launch a blog series. In this video series we will cover the technical know-how you need to launch your blog in next 15 minutes.

In this video, I have talked about:

🚀 How to buy hosting + Domain name for your blog
🔥 Few Key points while selecting the domain name

2nd Video:

♠️How to use Hosting Dashboard to manage your blog:

3rd Video:
🎯 Why & how to use the built-in cache of Bluehost to speed up your Website:

4th Video
⛳️How to Setup Free SSL certificate for WordPress on Bluehost Hosting – Launch a Blog 4/4:

Well, complete the video series and launch your blog in no time.

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Hosting Buy

How to buy Hosting and Domain name in 5 minutes – Launch a Blog 1/4

12 thoughts on “Hosting Buy – How to buy Hosting and Domain name in 5 minutes – Launch a Blog 1/4

  1. 196 dollars investment which means around 13.5 K…. Isn't it too high for the beginners who are even not sure that will they be successful in it or not… Will they be continuing it or not…. Sir its a real big money for the beginners to invest!!!

  2. I want to install WP comPear plugin for making comparision, but it is not available on wordpress. How to know whether it will be compatible with website theme.
    If purchased through website than can it be used on wordpress. Kindly answer.

  3. Hello, again Mr. Agrawal:

    I need some advice. I have been so scared to trust these web hosts because so many videos say so many different things about each web host. Just when I was about to buy Bluehost, I watched a video that gave it a bad review. 

    Can you please give me some advice on what is best and affordable based on what I am doing? Below is what I am doing and what I need: 

    I am an educator, and I recently started teaching a variety of online courses to indigent adult students. Some of my students are in college and some of them cannot afford college right now. I need the best affordable web host to start a blog, Facebook Instant Articles, and a website for those students who want to sell products, showcase their artwork, performing arts, write blogs, etc. I will be using the blogs and website as teaching tools to help my indigent students make money. 

    Therefore, I need an affordable web host and domains because I do not receive a salary for my work with my indigent students and I cannot say no to them. Because my students are indigent, I do not charge them for my services. My agreement with them is when they become successful they can pay me only after they are earning a steady income. So, I have decided to help them create their online businesses. 

    For those students who want to earn money from writing, I will have them start with Facebook Instant Articles until they are ready to move forward with writing novels, plays, film, etc. Are you familiar with Facebook Instant Articles? If you are familiar with Facebook Instant Articles, can you do a video on it, please? I am told students could earn money posting articles, but they still need a website with web hosting and a domain. 

    Thank you again for creating great videos. Please feel free to give any constructive advice as well.

  4. Thank you for the English subtitle. The best tutorial videos are from India and other Middle Eastern countries, but they are not in English. I really do appreciate you for adding the English subtitle.

  5. Nice video Sir
    please, tell to Blue Host to Give us More Payment options.
    Godaddy Giving Paytm Payment option But Other Many Hosting Sites not Giving Paytm option
    Paytm Easy payment method for Us, because we have no Debit-credit or Any cards
    We Using Paytm, Simple way For All Payment, PAYTM Karo

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