Why you need a web hosting

Hosting Buy – Why you need a web hosting

Why you need a web hosting

Hosting Buy

Why do I need a web hosting is the question that I have encountered many times. When I am working with new clients, they sometimes ask me that I have a domain name, why do I need to invest more in hosting. After this question recently, I thought that it would be great to create a video reference for this answer. If you are a web developer, refer this video to you clients


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Hosting Buy

Why you need a web hosting

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  2. Nice Video, Yes, Web Hosting plays a very important role in the online business world. And it is important to have the best hosting services. Thank you for such great help and guidance. @OnliveServer

  3. Now there is one question from me if you can buy or host server then what is backend programming i mean it is programing on server right if you can buy a server they when you need to programe a server????or does it mean that big companies like Facebook google owns thier own server ??????? So they can keep thier data private???

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