36 thoughts on “Hosting Company Set Up – G Suite Tutorial – How to Create a Business Email

  1. question, what if my domain account was cut off? Can I still login to admin page? Also what if I changed domain host, lets say from Bluehost to AWS, what are the actions to take on this scenario?

  2. Great video! Question: I need to have my business domain name from Namecheap, Go Daddy, etc. for me to have my business email domain in G Suite?

  3. but you filled up payment details, they can anytime hit the payment button and money will get deducted from your account, tell me other method where we don't have to fill payment details, i didn't like that…

  4. hmm weird, i tried this same method, but I have a domain on godaddy.

    Instead of doing all the DNS stuff. it took me to a verify page that took approx 5 minutes

    after that was done, I got my new gmail done w/ out having to do any of the DNS stuff.

    I'm contacting godaddy right now to double check and make sure that that's all I needed to do to get this to work properly…

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  6. Great video:) Thank you. If I wanted anther business account set up doing i have to go true this process again or can i upgrade my plan to have two different business email. Many thanks

  7. Signed up for G Suite It will not take my debit card or my bank credit card. Google says if I do not sign up for the 14 day trial they're going to cancel me. My question is after they cancel me can I use my domain somewhere else? I am tired trying to find a way to pay for G Suite. Need my domain name please help. Thank you.

  8. Hey hi, need quick help. I just bought a custom email from Squarespace, and it redirected me to google admin and after getting into google admin everything seems not very clear for me, read all the articles in Squarespace regarding the setup, but your this video made me realize that you know better than what they pointed me towards.
    Please can you help me figure out this stuff? Thanks

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