What's NEEDED to start a WEB HOSTING business

Hosting Company Set Up – What's NEEDED to start a WEB HOSTING business

What's NEEDED to start a WEB HOSTING business

Hosting Company Set Up

Looking for a good web host, look no further – All that’s needed to start your own web hosting business.

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Hosting Company Set Up

What's NEEDED to start a WEB HOSTING business

33 thoughts on “Hosting Company Set Up – What's NEEDED to start a WEB HOSTING business

  1. Do you have to use buy shared webhosting or can i use my own hardware to install web server, because i have 2tb harddrive which is more than when they offer. So can i buy my own hadware and host websites from my home without using reseller companies?

  2. Hello Sir
    I want to host my CodeIgniter application with Jitsi meet live streaming server (hosted independently on my own linux server)
    CodeIgniter application is for educational institute having 1000 students enrolled and will get connected to live classes/ sessions as per their schedule daily for at least 3 hrs 24 days a month

    can you please guide me
    1. which type of server plan I should opt for
    2. what amount of bandwidth is required

    Definitely I am 100 % new to web hosting and administration era

  3. I just bought a new computer and I want to know if it's sufficient for starting a web hosting business. I have not activated anti-virus, because I was told by some computer repairers that it's unecessary and slows down one's computer. Here are my specs: HP All-in-One 22-c0xx Processor Intel Celeron G4900T CPU 2.90 GHz 4 GB RAM Windows 10 Home 64 bit operating system, x64 based processor. Let me know your opinion. Thanks again!

  4. This is all completely new for me. I just started a web site (blogging/ History). I am a Henry Ford If i can be my own I owner per say i want to do that. I have looked into building a home server for my web site…and now I am interested in maybe web hosting while i operate my website. I am passionate about tech and learning everything i can with everything i do. Right now my passions is just a hobby that cost me money. I know there is a smarter way to do things. I am at this moment going through learning about being a business. Again this is just a passion not my income. There is a way to make money I just need to just actually take the steps. I have watched some of your videos and believe you are the type of person that likes to see others succeed. that being said can you and your company help me and how. Thanks

  5. I went through jixhost website and the $19 a month package has 10 cpanel. Does this mean you can only host 10 websites with that package? Also u stated u will include where to get a website for hosting in description but u maybe forgot.

  6. Hi, I like the style of your videos in that they are unscripted and unedited etc. I am sometimes a bit put off when a video is too polished! Also, the advice is realistic (start small, scale etc).
    Quick question or two….
    1. How many accounts would you say a typical Reseller account can handle? Use Jixhost as an example if you prefer.
    2. When you started out, did you receive questions like, "How big is your company?" and what was your response?
    Thanks very much in advance!

  7. Sounds Interesting, I will definitely buy your reseller package, but I need to discuss about it briefly with you. It would be better if you put any official contact in the description or comments.

  8. When you say we can go scale up to dedicated server what you mean with that? did we need to have a PC-server to our home- room (we need fast internet, good PC and etc..) or we also purchase the reseller server and give the complete server to the client. How that is working exactly. Thank you!

  9. Second question, haha
    You said to start with shared hosting. But if I use shared hosting I cannot give a Cpanel for each client or can I? at least on Siteground you only can setup the Cpanel for each website on cloud hosting. Thanks

  10. Re Seller account is NOT the way to go. Developing the web host out of a old server at home would be much cheaper and efficient over paying monthly. Figure running a dell poweredge rack server 24/7 in my state costs me only $10 per month. Free server off craigslist, i put 5 1tb ssd drives in it i bought in a bulk deal on amazon for $250. Server already had 32gb ram, so its good to go and very cheap and powerful. I can host 1,000 websites on it for $10 a month…………………….

  11. thanks so much, please i wanna ask you about if that you know some names of groups and forums online that are can help me to get more knowledge about web hosting ? too if there is a course online can teach me or guide me to know how to build a web hosting company thanks again !

  12. Hi sir i have everything set, WHMCS / Reseller / Domain / FB Page / A lot of knowledge in programming / deisgn / advertising. Ready to launch my business but i don't know where to start selling it like how advertise it or get clients

  13. There are no near cloud hosting companies in middle east so the vedio games are so laggy and so i was thinking maybe i start one
    But i don't think that a 15$ thing is anywhere near the requirements.
    So really what is the real requirements for that kinda work and how much could it cost ?

  14. Ok so my mother just passed away in April. I was her caretaker, I left college 1st year to care for her 24/7 as the Parkinson’s progressed. Her death was unexpected, unplanned for, and I’m standing here with no future no friends no family no plans nothing. My mom had no money aside from the home that’s wrapped up in a reverse mortgage and disability which is gone. Luckily I saved every dollar over the last decade because I was taking care of her 24/7 so I have a few bucks but saving every penny of poverty isn’t much but it’s better than nothing.

    I made about $6,000 from amd basically doubling my investment and that’s basically my life savings there now. I want nothing more than security and a car, I’m going to be screwed up for years but losing myself in work is a therapy I’ve not had the pleasure of suffering in ages.

    I’d gladly consider any reasonable arrangements if there is a way to explore a partnership where my funds and yours, or my funds plus your guidance = a % to you etc.but if you’d be willing to help me and let me take an apprentice role so to speak. I’m a computer nerd, so I’ll take to it quickly. If you tell me to get lost I understand, just be respectful please, for people thinking of joking…too soon.

  15. Thanks for this valuable information and this type of business is what I want. Just confused a bit and need your professional advice, I am starting a webdesign for clients using wordpress + woocommerce and want to offer free hosting, my question is do I need to get a reseller hosting or a cloud hosting or are they the same? and which company would you recommend.
    Thank you in advance.

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