21 thoughts on “Hosting for Beginners – How to Share Screen on Zoom | Tutorial for Beginners | 2020 | Hacks, Tips & Tricks

  1. Question…I want to cue up 3 videos for one meeting so I can start them as progressing through the meeting. Can you cue up more than one from the same application? I can’t seem to… if so, how?

  2. Hi. When sharing screen how do you see all participants your sharing your screen to who also have video. So far when presenting i can only see the screen I'm presenting and cant see if my audience has fallen asleep or not paying attention. I would really like to get zoom to work interactively between presenter and audience while sharing screen. Using zoom on samsung 7 plus. Please let me know if this is possible with app and device i just mentioned. Thanks

  3. Great hints. My question which is so basic: I do cooking classes on Zoom. I present videos, power points, etc. How do I download the video and power point for easy screen sharing. The videos I use are proprietary from my non-profit organization so I'm unable to download on my desktop. I send video to my email and then screen share from there. Any helpful hints??

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  5. Thank you Tim, you have been very helpful, very professional and right to the point. I am a member of a toastmasters meeting. Your input helped.

  6. Great tutorial, thank you. Just one thing – could you kindly move a little more slowly when navigating the screen and buttons so that we see exactly what you are clicking.

  7. I got a tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A7). How do I screenshare (PowerPoint presentation) AND have them see my video? This happens automatically when doing it from a computer, how do I do it from a tablet? Thanks for the help!

  8. Thanks Tim your info is clear and good. I am learning to teach on Zoom and need to show quite a lot of video clips and stills. A friend suggested I arrange them on Google Photos and share from it as it should be easy to find the next clip or still and play it, go back and forth etc. It's not in the options Zoom shows, how would I do this and do you recommend it for showing a large number of clips and stills?

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