What is Web Hosting for beginners Step by step | إستضافة المواقع | ウェブホスティング | Zaffron

Hosting for Beginners – What is Web Hosting for beginners Step by step | إستضافة المواقع | ウェブホスティング | Zaffron

What is Web Hosting for beginners Step by step | إستضافة المواقع | ウェブホスティング | Zaffron

Hosting for Beginners

This video provides a basic understanding of what is web hosting and domain and how to create free hosting websites Step by step by getting online permanent connection through the internet. To be more precise, you can consider this video as web hosting tutorial for beginners. This video aims also to educate you how to make your own website and how to register a website address or what is known as domain name registration as well as introducing the concept of sub domain. Internet address ia unique address just like our home address. By the end of this video, you will be able to comprehend of what web hosting is all about. We draw your attention that this video is not going to touch upon web design or any online programing languages such as HTML pages, CSS or JavaScript.

So what is web hosting and how does it work ? A web hosting service is a sort of Internet facilitating administration that permits people and organizations to make their site open through the internet World Wide Web. Website hosts are an online companies that physically gather group of web servers in one location, or what is called as a data center. So what does web hosting actually means ? To be more precise, it is worth to mention that understanding web hosting is one of the four essential steps that every webmasters, bloggers and technology enthusiasts should know and learn. Here are the four main steps that helps you make your own blog site:

1- Domain Name registration (website address) or URL (Uniform Resource Locator).
2- Pay for web hosting server space by selecting one of the best web hosting companies.
3- Design your websites’ templates by adding your web contents.
4- Upload your websites’ files and data to your Hosting server by using FTP applications such as internet browsers ( Google Chrome – Windows internet explorer – firefox – safari )

This video also describes how to make free web hosting site, free domain name address and how to upload your website to the internet after you have finished the design of your template (website designing process).

Anyone who want to make a web hosting business, may consider this tutorial as primary step to learn and to go forward before introducing any web hosting services. On the other hand, this video tutorial can also help amateur web designers as well as professional web developers in getting the basic understanding of how to make free web hosting websites and sub domain website address. Amateur web site makers needs to get the knowlege that every webmasters have in order to be able to differentiate between several kinds of web site hosting reviews. Moreover, the video explains the criteria for selecting the best web hosting provider (web host company) and how the web designer manage to buy a good web hosting plan. Bandwidth or data transfered, disk space, hosting type suc as shared IP, ease of use, didecated IP, security and privacy, software, customer support, availability of hosting solutions and the hosting prices that fit your budget are the main factors of success. The efficeint choise of top level domain also play a great role in promoting your web site identity. For instance (.com), (.net), (.edu) and (.org) are all examples of top level domain names but you need to select the address that fit your website niche.

Watch the video till the end and get the basic knowledge on how to build your own website and to get an efficient web hosting review. Later on, we are going to produce another video which talk about web hosting – advance tutorial. We may touch upon the advanced concepts of web host and some related terms such as VPS hosting or Virtual Private Servers, how secure datacentre works, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, dedicated servers/systems and clouds similar to google drive. However, the most important factor among all is the ability to self-assess web page hosting reviews without relying on any other non trusted sites that offer free web site hosting reviews. This is very dynamic process and requires good amount of experience in order to reach to the most trusted web hosting reviews for the webmasters as well as normal bloggers or wordpress designers. Here is a list of top companies that are famous in housing the web servers globally: HostGator – Godaddy – BlueHost – iPage – SiteGround – eHost – inMotion – LiquidWeb – FatCow – WebHostingHub – WPEngine – web.com – IdeaHost – NetworkSolutions – JustHost – ServerFreak.

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Hosting for Beginners

What is Web Hosting for beginners Step by step | إستضافة المواقع | ウェブホスティング | Zaffron

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