178 – Hosting clients v’s not hosting clients

Hosting for Clients – 178 – Hosting clients v’s not hosting clients

178 – Hosting clients v’s not hosting clients

Hosting for Clients

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Debate– Hosting clients v’s not hosting clients

Firstly, an apology… the audio on my emd seems to have misbehaved for reasons unknown! It’s 100% listenable, but there’s just the odd little judder, which I’m perplexed by. So, sorry for that!

Setting up the Debate

We are talking about website hosting. Email hosting seems like a whole other debate, so we’re going to avoid that altogther. This is just about hosting, and whether it is worth the hassle of getting your clients to have their hosting through you, or if it’s better to just let them sort that out for yourself, leaving you to worry about building websites instead.

There is money in them thar’ hills though, so perhaps it’s worth considering. Then again, it’s a real pain the neck when things go wrong, and they will go wrong.

So, to keep things simple, here’s a breakdown of the possible pros and cons of having your WordPress websote clients use your hosting…

Hosting Clients.

• stable income
• new related skills at a time when the future of web design is unstable
• passive income – more freedom potentially
• long term relationships
• one vendor for clients
• we end up having to get involved anyway (with DNS’s)
• it’s about the only service that clients understand without explanation
• we need to host our own sites anyway
• does not need to be complicated with reseller accounts – managing servers is now easy with Cloudways, ServerPilot etc.
• if client go AWOL we can still be earning – that cost could motivate them into action (reminder their hosting is due to renew in 11 months!)
• care plans are easier if you manage the hosting too

Not Hosting Clients

• we are not hosting companies – focus on what you do – niche down – if you like
• risks and responsibilities with higher profile sites – (service level agreements – SLA)
• keeping things honest with clients
• killing someone else’s service
• having to support clients 24/7!
• dependency on someone else’s business
• time needed to learn about hosting
• price changes by hosting companies
• the hosting world is always changing
• a different technical mindset
• confuses the client and devalues the service – are you the IT person or the creative?
• you need to do email hosting and domain to be a one stop shop so where does it end?
• use the big cloud providers and you have to sort out transactional emails – urgh!
• you could offer other more related services to have a stable income – ongoing marketing (designing, artwork for blogs, newsletters), off-line artwork

Final thoughts

So, what do you think? Should we offer hosting or not? Come and join us in the comments…

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Hosting for Clients

178 – Hosting clients v’s not hosting clients

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