How to handle hosting for clients - What mistakes to avoid

Hosting for Clients – How to handle hosting for clients – What mistakes to avoid

How to handle hosting for clients – What mistakes to avoid

Hosting for Clients

In this video I’m gonna explain how to handle hosting and domains when you are working with clients. What’s the best hosting provider? Or should you go for the cheapest hosting provider? Do you pay the bills for your clients?

Check out which hosting will work for your business:
Siteground hosting:
Hostinger hosting: coupon: LIVINGWITHPIXELS for an extra 10% off.

→ Software that I use
Elementor Free version (download link):
Elementor Pro (all 3 packages have the same features, I have the $199 one):
The whole list of software that I recommend:

→ Hardware that I use for videos
Macbook Pro 13 inch:
Camera: RX100 Mark 3:
Microphone: Zoom H1:
Mini Tripod (for the mic):

→ Helpful for beginner
How to Install Elementor and WordPress. Watch:
Elementor Beginners Tutorial. Watch:

→ My social media
Instagram Livingwithpixels:
Personal Instagram:

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Hosting for Clients

How to handle hosting for clients – What mistakes to avoid

36 thoughts on “Hosting for Clients – How to handle hosting for clients – What mistakes to avoid

  1. Thank you for all these tutorials. I need to buy the croco block elementor, but Can you do a video solely on 10 ways on how and what to charge your client please? and the list of the cost that the web designer needs to know before starting their business, like hosting, domain which you already have, plugins, Yoast, template, builders like elementors in one video tutorial, that way, it allows us to understand what budget required to be a web designer and the budget for the croco blocks . in other words, client charges for their sites to be developed, and product required cost to set up a web design business thank you boss.

  2. Newbie question. What if I develop a site for someone else using a paid theme e.g. Divi. Do I have to install Divi on their host when I deliver the website to their host? I’d so, do you get them to get their own license for Divi? Not sure how this works.

  3. I’m going to watch more of your videos, great work. What do you think of using Flywheel? I’m pretty happy with it, but I’ve also seen a much faster server with Cloudways. I’m surprised more marketing don’t do host and email reselling… totally considering it.

  4. So if the client pays for their own hosting & domain, are you still able to limit their access on WordPress to just content management instead of having all of the developer tools?

  5. Would love if you could make a tutorial setting up portfolio websites on a sub domain! Do I need to make the main site a wordpress mutlisite? etc.

  6. Nice vid! One question though: A lot of plugins have payment plans depending on the number of sites. E.g. Elementor. How is it possible to use elementor pro on your clients websites unless you buy it separately for each website?

  7. I wonder how could someone find good (available ) domains when there are 370M already taken !

    Decent domains are everywhere and you can get them on many platforms such as Sedo and

    unless the website is for amateurs! !

  8. Exactly what I was looking for. Yes, please provide more info. I’m building websites for family and friends right now on the cheap. I would like to expand my client base to help offset my time and effort, so I’m looking for a business model.

  9. Thank you for such insightful video. I've being straggling lately in regards to this theme and you video has really help me up. It's the first time I stumble upon your videos and it seems you focus more in the design sides more than anything else. When it comes you managing a website, do you have a video tutorial? What's your take in this subject?

  10. You should make them sign-up to webhosting themself. I send them a link to hosting that I know is Great. And yes, I send them an affiliate Link so every month that they stay with that hosting I get a percentage. Good stuff!

  11. From my experience, never put everything in the same basket. Always separate domain registrar and hosting service provider. Especially with providers such as 1&1 (Ionos) with shady practices.

  12. hey rino.. i remember you had a video where you give some ideas about client pricing models but i cant seem to find it anymore.. did you put it offline?

  13. Am trying to build websites for car dealerships as a freelancer web developer on WordPress we’re can I host this type of websites and how can they chose there hosting but I can still hav control if any changes on websites

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