Can You Start Freelancing in Web Design in Only 30 days?!

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – Can You Start Freelancing in Web Design in Only 30 days?!

Can You Start Freelancing in Web Design in Only 30 days?!

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

Web design and development became a profession around 1995 and all these years later, there is still a growing demand for good web designers and web …

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Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

Can You Start Freelancing in Web Design in Only 30 days?!

38 thoughts on “Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – Can You Start Freelancing in Web Design in Only 30 days?!

  1. "Natural talented designer" You suprise me Stef. There is no such thing as natural talented designer. It like you would say that uoi need be natural talented programmer to program. There is no such thing, there is only blood and sweat and hours behind practise.

  2. Hi, Stefan, can you give a couple of examples for a small project in web development/design that can be considered as appropriate for learners? And which is the good freelance sites for beginners to get a small project or small gigs?

  3. This is exactly the video I needed to see. I've been looking for something new in my life and I've been thinking about doing this for years and 2019 is my year for this. This video was really encouraging! edit: I hadn't realized you're in Montreal! I'm also in Montreal! Go Habs!

  4. well you answered one of my questions. is BootStrap and C# useful for freelanceing?I took a class in college and learned HTTP, CSS, and BootStrap. I did not finish college because of money. I have a website I developed in HTTP and CSS to hellp with finding an internship.

  5. Hey Stef , I will be taking programming bootcamp from a top University of my state after 3 months. they say no Coding experience required, i want to do some practice before it start. they are teaching PHP 7 and Laravel 5. and other modern in demand technology. i want to be a web developer but i have experience in Python Django. a little bit. and i love python . but i have no option. should i practice in Python Django until my bootcamp starts or should i go learn some basics of PHP and laravel ?

  6. Hi Stefan, I am getting addicted to your videos! Very good content! I have worked most of my life in logistics. Definitely am looking for second career. Was wondering is there an age limit for starting in this industry, I am forty. If there is none a second question would be what are languages in demand in Montreal, I live in Toronto and always wanted to move to Montreal to live and learn French. Thank you for your responses!

  7. How far away are you from the 100k ? I've sent a few people over since finding your channel You mention a podcast a few times what's the name ?

    Finally if you can do a video on the specs one may need or should have to code at various levels. Getting started to find out your bottle neck is $500 dollars or more to get out off can be a big deterrent for those at the beginning.

    Hardware/software (IDE, paying for licensing for app development etc. ) even if it is overkill at that moment is a question a few people I know had.

  8. Great video man. Def brings inspiration. I already bought some courses on udemy but when I run through those I'm definitley buying your products. Thanks for the content man. Your the goat

  9. More often than not, by going freelance as your first gig you are making yourself financially (and mentally) worse off.
    Find an actual job. Stay there for 2-4 years. Learn something more than just how to do a skin around a database.
    When if you still want to do it, go freelance when you have actual experience and can do contract work.

    People getting stuck at low paying gigs with CMS's n shit is real. You don't want to be that person.

  10. Is freelancing in the US really this easy? You just start working and get paid after a few months? You don't have to prove with physical papers to your tax office that you're qualified to do this kind of job? You don't pay 60-70% of whatever money you make each month as taxes but at least 60-70% of the minimum wage if your income is lower or even nonexistent? You don't have to hire two accountants because only they're allowed to do accounting and one usually won't do the entire thing due to its complexity? You don't have to worry about losing literally everything you have and ending up on the streets if somebody sues you even without a valid reason unless you create an LLC (literally a hundred times more expensive)? If you already have a job and want to freelance as a side-job, you don't have to report it to your employer, ask for written permission that you can do freelance web development and report each job you take and the money you earn and each time they can say "Wait, that doesn't align with our company policy perfectly, you're not allowed to do that"?

  11. Hi Stef! Great video. How many years experience does one need to get a remote job with a US company from another country? Do such USA companies hire junior webs remotely for permanent positions or just intermediate to advanced level developers?

  12. Hey Stef, I started with your course a month ago and I think a "nerd-spider" bite me. Now I want to learn more about programming and even start building some simple apps with Flutter. Do you think it's a good idea to start with Flutter after finishing your course? or should I try something else? Grüße aus Stuttgart 🙂

  13. How about a question about more advanced developers? Say I can easily do freelance work however I want to get projects from overseas. I am sick of projects for 200-500$. Please answer without giving sites like upwork/freelancer/peopleperhour.

  14. Am always afraid, not that I don't know but am just afraid, any ideas on how I can get started in other to over come this fear? I am still a new into programming but am good with HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
    My problem is just the fear

  15. I am going to get started on this. Right now I work in a job that pays the bills but is going nowhere fast. I have some experience but that has fallen behind. Where would you suggest I start? I have html and some css but it's outdated I would say.

  16. For me, I graded university with a degree in philosophy in 2014. In 2015 I started to learn some web development, I enrolled in very selective community college courses. I think just 5 specific courses. I didn’t care for a program, just the knowledge. It was mostly theoretical.

    I started just learning online in 2016 and in 2017 I started my own web agency. My recommendation?


    I chose the cannabis industry. My company serves cannabis clients all across Canada/USA. Limiting down your potential client base lets you know who to target. Have you seen dispensary websites? Most of them suck ass. The biggest tip I got was to choose a niche and run with it. It could be you build online learning platforms, or forum app, it doesn’t matter. Find a niche and run with it.

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