How do you get Your First Freelance Design Job?

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – How do you get Your First Freelance Design Job?

How do you get Your First Freelance Design Job?

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

How do you get your first freelance gig? What’re some effective ways to reach out and get noticed? What do you need to consider in your highly curated portfolio …

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Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

How do you get Your First Freelance Design Job?

43 thoughts on “Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – How do you get Your First Freelance Design Job?

  1. i am a 13 year old i have started learning web developing 2 years ago and i have no experience so how can i start freelancing as a teen bcz no company is accepting a teen with zero experience

  2. This was a very good video with a lot of great information. I went to design school years ago but got sidetracked by becoming a teacher. I'm now going back toward the art direction and am working on gaining the confidence that I can succeed. All these ideas help me get a step closer and for that I thank you!

  3. Hi @TheFutur I consider my core skill to be visual effects but I also do film and photography as well as a little bit of design. Now I wonder should I really just highlight my core skill and sideline the others. Also I only have facebook page where I drop my portfolio and I can easily manage the page as well since I log in everyday would you still suggest that I create my website?

  4. I want to this video will be translated Japanese.
    I can’t understand English very well.
    But this video look like important, I can’t understand difficult conversation.

  5. Thank you so much for this! I'm currently working an 8-4 full-time job where I'm doing nothing at all in relation to Graphic Design. I went to school for it, spent seven years doing so and I just don't want to go down a path where I'm not creating artwork for the rest of my life. Designing makes me happy so that's why I'm trying to become a freelancer, whether I do it on my own or work for a studio, I have not decided yet. But all of this content really helps me in my journey in continuing to do what I love! Thank you guys so much for this 🙂

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  9. Heyy! ^^ I am watching this video and I want to ask you something regarding the fact you said that you are getting furious if somebody works for you, you give him money and he screw up. What means for you to screw up? What are your expectations for the person who is working for you?

  10. I’ve had bad experiences with talent agents. One even lied to me saying that my salary would increase after a 3 month period of working at a full time role but then found out that the company didn’t even know and when I tried to contact them they wouldn’t reply back.

  11. Hey there guys, thanks heaps for the video. Thoroughly enjoyed it!
    You really broke down everything into some relatable and easily understandable situations, however, I have a question.
    Inreferrall to small business owners point of view, how exactly do you start to make connections that lead into projects without going for the "ask" or becoming too sales-like?
    In a perfect world, I would hope that pushing out consistent quality content via social media would be the key, but that isn't always applicable.
    Love the stuff you all do.

  12. Thank you so much guys for clearing things up for me. this episode is great ..
    I just have a question about the website name, if i want to be a freelancer, is it better to have a website/domain with my personal name? or a nickname?

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