How much do web designers earn? [My salary history]

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – How much do web designers earn? [My salary history]

How much do web designers earn? [My salary history]

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

Revealing all the different salaries I’ve had throughout my career! It’s a little scary to talk about money in this way, but I wanted to be open about this because although salaries are relative to your experience, where you live, what size company you work for etc, I think you’ll get value from hearing about my progression and what has led to my salary increases over my 8 year career so far. So if you’ve been wondering what designers earn, this video is my perspective on the matter!

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Hello there! I’m Charli and I’m a half-British, half-kiwi web and graphic designer currently living in Valencia and posting design videos about tools, projects, and concepts as well as vlogs of my life as a designer. Please subscribe and say hi in the comments so we can be friends 🙂








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Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

How much do web designers earn? [My salary history]

32 thoughts on “Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – How much do web designers earn? [My salary history]

  1. Hello this is me here from India I am glad I came to know about you today … I am willing to start a business in India for which I need a good business partner in uk/usa if anyone interested we can talk on it. I will explain business the module… Do contact me that will be appreciated❤my insta id is sylvia.larsen.1806

  2. This was so helpful, I loved what you said at the beginning "The more we talk about what we earn, the more we can help each other get paid what we deserve!"

  3. girl, this is so interesting, thanks for sharing. I work in Canada, similar amount of experience and I can only dream of making so much. Interesting to know.

  4. It is surprisingly HIGH!!!! here in india for one web-design thy pay us 100$-150$ and im talking about full web-design which includes inner pages as well. I wish i could earn that much or atleast 2000$-3000$ a month. cuz i have almost 3 years of experience in web-designing and software designing, Logo-design, re-branding and all. But not lucky enough.

  5. No offense, but when people say "what is more important to me is quality of life" they are usually not making too much money. I just laughed when you said that. You are making 6 figures. That is awesome. Congrats!!! Love your videos by the way.

  6. Great video. I too am a horrible negotiator! Been a designer for 26 years and was underpaid for about 8 of those as a Creative Director for an exhibit company in California. But loved the work. Finally went freelance 6 years ago and in 2 years almost doubled what I was making as a salary from an employer. Though in the U.S. as a contract designer (self employed) I have to pay 15% taxes. I also have to pay my own health insurance which is now $1,350 per month. The pros are I now work for myself and establish my own pricing. Your very candid video is something I wish more people would do since it feels like even with friends and family we all have to talk in code about what we make. Congrats to you!

  7. 6 figures for a job in UX! That's way more than I thought! I had an inferiority complex going into UX while pursuing a Bachelor's in Computer Science as I had this perception that developers were paid much higher than designers but I think you just proved me wrong. I'm excited to enter this field in the future!

  8. The problem I'm having is being way underpaid for the amount of experience I have. There's also no real career path at my current company; a lot of layoffs and not much to transition to. I'm taking a UX course now to finally get out of this hole I've been in for 10 years.

  9. for someone who did not graduate in the creative course which you have, how can you find companies who offered those big salaries. It's really overwhelming for me, I can say, while watching this, I can say, I am rated way too low

  10. Love it… Love it!!! You're my Shero! Great discussion about a Taboo subject that should be talked about between designers. If you do a follow up, please mention that there is a difference in pay between: Men and Women, White and Black, etc… It's a reality!
    Thanks Charli 😉

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