How to make 100k/YEAR with WordPress Freelancing(INTERVIEW)

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – How to make 100k/YEAR with WordPress Freelancing(INTERVIEW)

How to make 100k/YEAR with WordPress Freelancing(INTERVIEW)

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

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Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

How to make 100k/YEAR with WordPress Freelancing(INTERVIEW)

37 thoughts on “Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – How to make 100k/YEAR with WordPress Freelancing(INTERVIEW)

  1. Damn Joshua please work on your communication skills. At least use some active listening, phrases like "right", "I see", "great!", "cool". You really sounded passive aggressive in this interview

  2. This is an old video but I'm hoping someone can give me advice here. I've been working on a few projects lately for mom and pop shops using wix and some photoshop. Now I want to go pitch these sites I've made for free, to build my own reputation and portfolio but I want to be transparent about costs. I've seen that all you really need is a domain name, and a host, I've found how it can be relatively cheap annually. is that all I would need besides building the website of course?

  3. Dude I love your videos and know you have to make a dollar but you have way to many ads in every video that make it really irritating to watch while I code if you could just front or end load your ads it'd be really appreciated! Sorry for bitching

  4. WordPress is slow and bloated code. It is mostly used by people who do not know how to code. They buy a WordPress template, fill in the client information and then sell it as a website. When a client afterwards wants something to be changed on the website, they are stuck with the template because they don't know how to code. So much for WordPresss.

  5. Awesome stuff man. Thanks Josh for inviting him. I would add a few other things I have learnt in my freelancing career. There is quite some good money is in the maintenance plans for the same sites that you design. Most clients who evade maintenance plans may not be really worth it. I love what Elementor is doing in the wordpress Ecosystem with Reactive development

  6. And that's how you fool a bunch of kids with a non-sense video, but hey with this title what else to expect.. for those who are starting, please look for serious youtubers/material.

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  8. I always say to look for the big projects, they pay better and understand better about respecting the scopes of the project, hence, they never ask for more, and if they do, they are willing to pay for that extra work they are asking for. On the other hand, they are better prepared to provide you with the info you need as well as pictures or texts you'll need in the process, that's something small businesses owners don't understand because they expect you to do everything for them, they even expect you to create the info from their own company, which you are not supposed to know or manage whatsoever.

  9. I call BS or an extreme case of fleeting luck. The WordPress developer scene is very crowded, with most developers willing to standup virtually any implementation of WordPress (pretty much regardless of page count) for under $1000. A 50K WordPress site (even with the extra services he mentioned) is almost unheard of and honestly not the best way to go for that kind of money. If it was a custom Magento build-out I could believe it, but still that would be about 35K above the going rates.

    The truth is as a WordPress developer you can expect to make between $25K – $45K (per year) and that is only if you are very aggressive in your pursuit of clients. I've worked with dozens of VERY good developers, many of which were Senior Level and had 5-10 years of experience. The kind of people who can fix any problem you throw at them in 20 minutes during a screenshare, and can stand up a brand new site built from scratch in under a week. I don't see this guy as being the kind of person to be able to successfully pitch a 50K project to any business that will have confidence in moving forward with a project of that size with him.

    My ex boss was a Sales genius and could smooth talk anyone, and even he couldn't get a business to commit to something like that. He owned a large video monetization site, and his brother owned a development company, the largest projects his brothers company handled were around $10K – $15K for custom build-outs (not wordpress), because that is the going rate for single site implementations, unless your dealing with a huge client who wants some serious custom dev work.

    This video is either 100% BS, OR an extremely rare scenario, OR when he says 50K he ain't talkin dollars/pound. Maybe 50K in pesos or something.

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