Money Saving Tips For Freelance Web Designers - How I Save OVER £1360 PM!

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – Money Saving Tips For Freelance Web Designers – How I Save OVER £1360 PM!

Money Saving Tips For Freelance Web Designers – How I Save OVER £1360 PM!

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

Practical tips to become a more profitable Freelance Web Designer!

The bottom line is it’s all about YOUR bottom line! Spend less, make more. Simple eh?

Well, if only it WAS that simple. So, how about a bunch of practical, real-world tips from my years of freelance webs design work?

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Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

Money Saving Tips For Freelance Web Designers – How I Save OVER £1360 PM!

25 thoughts on “Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – Money Saving Tips For Freelance Web Designers – How I Save OVER £1360 PM!

  1. I will copy this comment i made into Kaycino latest colab video with you in case you dont get the message.
    "Paul is the best of the best. I really like the indeep tutorials he made working with Elementor, Croco, and many more. I've been working with WordPress since 2005, templates first like most of us. 2 years and a half ago i started with Elementor… Everything i learned was from Paul and now my business grow A LOT! And not only my business, my expertise as well. Thanks to Paul i've got contracts from other countries like Spain (im from Argentina) and now i have the possibility to migrate to Europe to look a better life. Im so grateful to met Paul. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. Excellent video…open & honest comments to compel one to move forward while being parsimonious and maximizing profits and satisfaction. Or as a former boss said, "If it's free then it's for me!" Thanks, Paul for sharing this valuable knowledge!

  3. I started watching your videos about two years ago. They were excellent resources, especially for someone like myself who was starting out as a website designer. Over time they have just gotten better. This particular video about starting your freelance career and how you went about it is excellent. It is loaded with useful information and resources that I will be taking advantage of. You always seem to be serious and goal oriented, which is good. The blooper you shared at the end also showed me you have a sense of humor. Keep up the great work.

  4. Plutio combines Project Management, Proposals/Contracts, invoicing, payments and quite a bit more and Leo and the rest of his team have been hammering out some awesome features that make it that much more valuable. They also have a yearly deal on Appsumo right now. (Their last LTD that they’ll ever run was last Black Friday, but the annual deal is still pretty valuable.)

  5. Great tip$ indeed Paul C. Yes after 6 years as a full time web designer and brand creator 2020 has been all about finally getting clear on my expenses and what isn’t really needed or ‘paying for itself’. I skimmed down my 3 GoDaddy Managed WP Pro 25 packs to just one and moved 30 of my hosted clients over to SiteGround (think it was $149 for an Unlimited GoGeek hosting pack that includes complimentary SSLs and emails for each site. I’ve got about 35 clients signed up for their own Managed WP thru my GD reseller account which is a residual monthly income. FreshBooks is my invoicing and accounting software and really like. Trello us how most of my client communication and project outlines have been run thru for over 6 years. That company sold out for 400 million a few years ago and still hasn’t made an improvement in years so finally looking for a better platform. So many amazing tools these days it’s a great day and age to be a creative!

  6. I would love to see a video on how you price different types of web projects. It would be great if you could use the example dynamic sites you have built, break down estimated hours, but more importantly give examples of types of sites you have built where the price/hours were far higher than expected. It would also be great to know how you explain prices to clients who assume price should be far less.

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