The ugly truth about beginning freelance web development

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – The ugly truth about beginning freelance web development

The ugly truth about beginning freelance web development

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

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Freelance web development can make you a lot of money. It also has a dark side. Are you up for the challenge?

In this video I’m going to share with you the story of one of my earliest clients, who turned out to be a real piece of work and made me want to walk away.

When something goes wrong early on, it’s easy to let the failure stain your perception of your career for the worse.

One negative experience can make people quit freelancing – unfortunately, many people have quit because of that.

However, the most important thing you can do in this situation is to learn from it and press on.

Your head will hurt, you’ll have days where you’re absolutely exhausted, but don’t give up.

Your dream is worth more than that.

No doubt, dealing with low-quality clients like the ones I dealt with at the start of my career is soul-sucking, but honestly, it’s a part of every business.

The important part of it is to put everything into perspective, focus on your dream and realize that negative people aren’t going to personally help you reach your goals.

They never do.

Transform negativity as professionally as possible and press on, using that energy to fuel greatness.

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Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

The ugly truth about beginning freelance web development

36 thoughts on “Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – The ugly truth about beginning freelance web development

  1. So how do I avoid low-quality clients if I can't charge a high budget? It's impossible. You just have to go through the low-balling clown clients to get to the normal ones.

  2. I think every freelancer has to go through what you described in this. The real secret about freelancing is that the first few years can be stressful, but the key is remaining calm, nice, and finding your people. After about year 3 or 4, it can get pretty awesome. Once you get into particular circles of clients, and most of your work off of referrals from existing clients, those problems clients mostly disappear. I've had maybe 1 or 2 (out of hundreds) in the past five years that I really regretted taking on.

  3. in 2018 when in my college life i develop a school software and my first client done final deal with me and ask me provide us a software soon at the delivery day they said we cannot afford.

  4. Web dev sucks. I'm so glad I quit coding camp and went into IT support after I got my A+ certification after 3 months of study. Best job I've ever had and I work from home. There are lots of jobs out there, but nobody wants mediocre devs, which is why employers try to scare you with their lengthy job requirements or 'nice to haves".

  5. I believe as a freelancer, you need to have a website up, get incorporated, and then have plenty of information on your website, about your services, perhaps even some pricing. Have prospective clients go through a "sales funnel" or process, in order to weed out the tire kickers and people who just want to waist your time. Let them see on your website, that you provide a high quality service, for a reasonable price. For the cheapskates, "reasonable" is "too much", so they will leave you alone.

  6. It's very simple. If you don't have the money for a custom website i will offer you the option of buying a template and having me install it etc. If you don't have money for that. There is nothing i can do for you. To be fair you put maybe too much weight on just one meeting.

  7. Lol talking about ur clients on YouTube complaining about them is not how u get more clients and yet we r only hearing one side of the story just think what they would say about u and ur services. I wouldn't complain on youtube anymore. Ur not getting paid right now for complaining. Lol

  8. I m horrible at maths .
    I took commerce informatics practices in my school( 11th and 12th grade).
    Now m done with 12th and stuck on deciding which route to follow up in IT.
    I want a stress free comfortable job.
    I desperately need advices- i love coding and m gonna start learning programming languages soon.
    Then what do i do?
    Graphic design? I like designing cuz m good at it. Hell i love editing toooo!
    Also i like the idea of networks and security.
    Ah gawd m so done-_

  9. Similar story with what I went through, only I created the site, client didn't want to pay for SEO and other initiatives, she then came back asking for full access to the site. I deleted it and her contact. People a CONTRACT is important, I ignored this because she was a friend, or so I thought. 🙁

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