Why I Freelance With Webflow

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – Why I Freelance With Webflow

Why I Freelance With Webflow

Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

Checkout the reasons I build all my freelance web design projects on Webflow instead of Wix or WordPress and why you must too! This tool has more than tripled my business and I can’t ever imagine switching to anything else!

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Hosting for Freelance Web Designers

Why I Freelance With Webflow

29 thoughts on “Hosting for Freelance Web Designers – Why I Freelance With Webflow

  1. WordPress: highest level of customisation and control, most extensive plugin library, most familiar CMS, most bugs, most manual labour intensive, cheapest option, buggiest builders, manageable servers

    Webflow: CDN and SSL out of the box, requires less plugins, more expensive hosting, less control, no server control, least manual labour intensive, more expensive hosting

    Overall I prefer Webflow for speed and convenience though WordPress is the only choice for some clients due to familiarity and utility.

  2. Hi, nice video!
    I work as a frontend developer for a company but I'm willing to make a transition to freelancing and I've been taking a look at Webflow lately.
    There's one thing I 've always wondered about freelancing; once you finish a website, you still keep the project in your account and just add the client as a colaborator?

  3. Wow, I had no idea somebody would pay for websites built with those no-coding solutions like Weblow. I though it should always involve coding. The audience should be people with little to no webmaster's skills?

  4. After ten years with WordPress I've switched all current clients to webflow and built eleven websites in a year with new clients. I'll never look back. Webflow is the future.

  5. Hey Peyton, Thank you so much for this video. I gained a ton of knowledge as I am starting out as a website freelancer right now as well. I wanted to know if there is a way to copy and paste websites you create on webflow for example you make a website you love and you want to use it as a template for different clients in that same industry/niche. Is that something that is possible with webflow?

  6. Good tips. How much do I charge if I use webflow for designing? Edit: do the clients also suggest you also do the visual design. I am good with designing for ux but my ui skills suck.

  7. Really appreciate your honesty and genuine content. The way you were going on and on I totally expected to find an affiliate link in the description. But this extensive review with none of that ? You just earned a sub and most importantly my respect !

  8. the red point when i have database ( airtable – firbase database – SQL server Database ) how this webflow help me to working on my database threow webflow
    every one talking about desinger and explan tools webflow
    but no one expalan how yse it to dtatabase any data
    no one explan that
    thanks my broth
    if you have course about webflow with database on udemy or any place please tell me about it

  9. Is it honestly even worth learning Front-End Development if you can just learn some UX/UI and use something like Webflow instead? Shifting the focusing on creating content instead of coding?

  10. I am new to webflow, and it seems very interesting, but I am just wondering about what to deliver to customers at the end?
    I mean do I have to convince them to host on webflow? or to pay the site plan or CMS plan?
    It would be great if you can share with us what you deliver because it's not actually clear for me, because based on that, I can target which customers I will talk to, right?

  11. Hi Payton, super cool to stumble upon your channel. I've gone from WordPress to eventually Squarespace to now Webflow in my freelance pursuit. I had a question with how you manage your clients and Webflow when they want to add new pages. Ideally, I would want to charge for ongoing support, but for small projects and clients that want to add new pages, Not Posts, do you give some sort of training beforehand? Look forward to learning more!

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