Hosting website in AWS - Beginning to live step by step

Hosting for Website – Hosting website in AWS – Beginning to live step by step

Hosting website in AWS – Beginning to live step by step

Hosting for Website

Hello Everyone
Welcome to Master2Teach Step by Step Guide
In this video you can learn how to create VPC, internet gateway, and connect it with VPC, subnet, and using EC2 instance configure the Ubuntu server and install the required software to host the WordPress site. Launch real wo commerce WordPress site from starting to live step by step.

Login in AWS management console and open the console panel.
Before launching the VPC wizard, make sure to select the region. I’m going to configure the server in Asia Pacific Mumbai which is the nearest region from Nepal.

Click in Your VPCs.
You can see there is already one running VPC which is the default VPC. Just ignore it and go for creating a new VPC.

I’m configuring this server for one of my friend Rajendra who is professional chemistries from Surkhet. The website’s name is So let’s name with the domain name, Innoidea_VPC.

The range of IPv4 addresses for your VPC in the CIDR block format. For example,
Next no IPv6 CIDR Block – OK
Tenancy Default – fine
Create VPC

Next step, create Internet Gateway.
There is also one default internet gateway. Create a new internet gateway for innoidea.
Provide the name – innoidea Internet gateway
Tags – Fine

You can see the state of the internet gateway is detached which needs to be attached with VPC.
Availability zone – you can choose either one of it or simply go with no preference. AWS will select one for you.
Moving to the route table. A route table is already created for our VPC.
Complete the first part. Moving to another part which is the EC2 instance.

Choose the required server as per requirement
Select the instance type.
Configure Instance Details

launch the instances

It will take a little time to make all ready. Before it, let’s move to configure Route 53 for the DNS mapping.

Create a new hosted zone
Domain Name:
Ok, those are the DNS name server names which we need to place in our domain.

Moving back to EC2 – here server is in running status and here is the IPv4 Public IP
Let’s try to open in a browser. It will open nothing coz we haven’t install anything in the server yet.

Connect the server through SSH and install some useful applications.

Apache, MySQL, PHP etc

Before moving to WordPress installation, let’s finished the route 53 jobs.
We need to connect the hosted zone to our EC2 instances. For that simply copy the IP
Values: Paste the IP
What if someone type www. in front of the domain name like this.
For that create a new record set. In name type www
Alias – select Yes.
Alias target – Scroll down – select domain name – create
That’s it for route 53 configuration.

Now install WordPress.

I hope you learned from this video tutorial, if you have any questions or comments please make sure to leave a comment in the comment section. Also please be sure to like this video and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. Thank you very much for watching. Check us out for more in IT tutorial and Guide on the website

Especial thanks to my friend Mr. Saujan Man Pradhan (Genesis Cafe) for providing intro video.

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Hosting for Website

Hosting website in AWS – Beginning to live step by step

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