Top 3 Best Web Hosting for Wordpress 2020 - ANALYTIC Based Hosting Reviews

Hosting for Website – Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2020 – ANALYTIC Based Hosting Reviews

Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2020 – ANALYTIC Based Hosting Reviews

Hosting for Website

There is much debate around what is the best web hosting company for WordPress. Most web hosting review videos only give opinions… so I chose to take a more ANALYTICAL approach for you!

The website hosts reviewed in this video are as follows:
A2 Hosting

There are some of the more popular hosting companies you’ll find so I decided to take a data set that would apply to the most people.

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Intro to the Tests and Hosting Companies – 00:00 – 2:11
Load Speed – 1:59 – 4:50
Customer Support – 4:50- 6:31
Uptime – 6:31 – 8:00
Pricing – 8:00 – 10:52
Knowledge Base – 10:52 – 12:46
Features – 12:46 – 13:51
Freebies – 13:51 – 14:54
Coupons & Discounts – 14:54 – 15:47
Final Results – 15:47 – 18:17
Outro – 18:17 – 19:00


Siteground Hosting:
Student Coupon:


# 2 Web Host for WordPress


# 3 Web Host for WordPress



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you search:

Hosting for Website

Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2020 – ANALYTIC Based Hosting Reviews

43 thoughts on “Hosting for Website – Top 3 Best Web Hosting for WordPress 2020 – ANALYTIC Based Hosting Reviews

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  2. Nice assessment. Pity the Raw performance data link is dead. Constantly monitoring the Server & page load speeds every hour is really important to see how the users would experience the site.

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  4. +Ryan Moran Hi guys, I have a website I am building through the WordPress application however my host is FastComet. I'm not overly pleased with their support system- it's very bare bones and it almost feels like they are trying to get you off the chat more so than actually help you with your issue.
    Anyways, my question is- if I build my website through this WordPress application, can I still transfer it in its entirety to a new host? Would really appreciate feedback on this! Thanks.

  5. Has anyone ever used Shinjiru and have an opinion? I was just suggested this by a professional that is going to be setting up my wordpress for me. I asked him for a suggestion of a company that is not shared hosting that allows for a blog that will have a lot of video content and this is what he gave me. Thanks for any input.

  6. WORST HOSTING EVER!!!!! Host Gator knocked both my websites and offline without warning because of CPU usage.

    Fair enough, I wiped out half the website through my files. Stopped Google Adsense and needed to stop Google from crawling the site… ALMOST TWO DAYS LATER the site is still not up and all I get from the help desk is "I apologize our best admins are working on it."

    I even upgraded the site a few months back because in order to do anything I had to wait 5 minutes for the screen to change. I smoke cigarettes outside my house. I literally had to hit the Publish" button then go out an have a cigarette, and come back and STILL wait for the draft to be published.

    USE A DIFFERENT WEB HOSTING company. I won't say which because it'll make this review look like an ad, just don't use Host Gator

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