GitHub Pages Deploy & Domain

Hosting From Github – GitHub Pages Deploy & Domain

GitHub Pages Deploy & Domain

Hosting From Github

In this video we will use the gh-pages npm module to easily deploy any frontend app or website to Github pages. We will do a static site and a React app. I will also show you how to connect a domain name.

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Hosting From Github

GitHub Pages Deploy & Domain

35 thoughts on “Hosting From Github – GitHub Pages Deploy & Domain

  1. so if my webpage is up and running on gitpages, all I want to do is add my project to my resume which I know I can do while it is being hosted on there, do I necessarily need to connect it to a domain name? What are the benefits? let me know, thank you.

  2. Hi I able to deploy angular application on git hub pages but when I use custom domain than it show blank page and throw cros policy issue, Can you plz help me how to resolve this issue ?

  3. Hi Brad and Thanks for this tutorial. I did setup the page but after updating on local machine, how do I update the branch on the remote repo so that the gh-pages also changes. Because currently changes reflect only on the master branch

  4. Could you just post some demo for full stack deployment. I have two folders in github – front-end(react) & back-end(node) and now i want to deploy the code and publish it in my own custom domain.

  5. Quick question – I followed these steps for the one time setup, but afterward, if you modify your html/css, how do you keep gh-pages in sync? I can do git push -u origin master, as in the video, but that doesn't change gh-pages. Thanks.

  6. Hey Brad, thanks for the tutorial. I ran npm run deploy and it got published but I can't see the URL on the settings tab nor can I open the website with the URL added on the JSON file. Any advice? Thanks

  7. This video solved so many of my questions before!!! Its title totally underestimates the contents. It should be: GitHub Pages, Deploy, Domain Config, CNAME, package.json script explained….

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