7 thoughts on “Hosting From Google – Firebase Dynamic Hosting

  1. hi mr chris..
    do you know how to generate amp-html or normal html using firebase function?
    i have seen on google i/o video which they use firebase function to dynamically change the web page after they change the database…so it is interesting..but they do not provide any tutorial..

  2. Great video ! I got some questions which are how can I send the parameter when I call a cloud function ? This is my firebase.json
    "rewrites": [
    "source": "/article-view/**",
    "function": "articleMetaTags"
    I would like to set the meta tags and it need specific key for each article (I'm using angular 2).

  3. Hey Chris, what's your experience with the response times of the dynamic requests? Is it fast/instant? Because when using Database Triggers (instead of using a separate Node.js app) you can definitely notice some delay

  4. Another great video Chris! Keep up to good work. Suggestion for a new episode: Storage security rules based on custom token values. For example rules based on organization id, so only members from the organization with the right token can view the files.

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