7 thoughts on “Hosting in Azure – Deploying and hosting WebAssembly Blazor in Azure Storage Account (custom domain and SSL)

  1. Anything in particular I am doing wrong here? I have the index.html set and the $web enabled. I have copied the wwwroot assets to blob storage. I just get WebContentNotFound

  2. Hey Nick, love the video – great help. I was thinking of running my site using the new Azure Static Web Site resource with an API. I think that could be an interesting video.

  3. Great video although looks like you have to spin up a number of services to get this working (keyvault, cdn etc) – whats the approx costs running this compared to aws s3

  4. Hey Nick, thank you for your videos, they are a big help. Just as a small correction, as far as I know the CDN managed certificate is actually free (but can only be used for non-apex domains), so going the Let's Encrypt route is more for showcasing the bring your own certificate way.

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