Deploying the ASP.NET Core API to Azure Web Apps - A TimCo Retail Manager Video

Hosting in Azure – Deploying the ASP.NET Core API to Azure Web Apps – A TimCo Retail Manager Video

Deploying the ASP.NET Core API to Azure Web Apps – A TimCo Retail Manager Video

Hosting in Azure

In this video, we are going to be deploying our API to Azure Web Apps. Once we get that up and running, a future video will cover how to automate this process …

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Hosting in Azure

Deploying the ASP.NET Core API to Azure Web Apps – A TimCo Retail Manager Video

34 thoughts on “Hosting in Azure – Deploying the ASP.NET Core API to Azure Web Apps – A TimCo Retail Manager Video

  1. Hi Tim, given your deployment of the API, is it possible to use a localdb file in Azure instead of creating an Azure SQL database? If yes, can you please explain how it can be done? Great course by the way. Thanks for the great content.

  2. Tim, after publishing the api initially to Azure, i’f i have to make some changes to the code and has to redeploy again, if i publish again its going overwrite on the server with the new version ?

  3. Hi Tim
    Just following this video and a few things seem to have changed on Azure since you did the video.
    Most are minor, but when publishing my API to azure I had to create Azure API Management which is a step you didn't do.

  4. Hey, I'm new to Azure and I can't find any info on the web. I'm creating a multiplayer monopoly game with .NET Core WebApi with SignalR to manage WebSockets. Currently, my version works when I open it several times on localhost and I don't know if It will works when I open that several times using the URL given by Azure? My first thought is yes because I can open your application via URL in this video(it's unique) so it should work but I'm not sure so that's why asking. Thanks for any response.

  5. Hey Tim, loving the course and just bought an all access pass a few days ago. I just gotta say, registering and signing into azure services has been a nightmare for me. I've spent so much time trying to access old accounts to no avail, and registering new accounts forces me to fill in more annoying forms. Their security is so rough compared to any other service I've ever used in my life, it's ridiculous and driving me insane. I hope the actual tools they provide are worth the effort haha

  6. Hello, Tim. Hey, this is a great video. I followed your instructions closely in order to deploy an API I've written, and all I get is that default startup page when deployed. I noticed an error within logs stating that .Net Core 3.1 SDK isn't installed, so I contacted Microsoft about it and they said it needs to be installed manually on Linux. I don't understand why, in my case, I'd need the .Net Core SDK to run my API.

  7. Hey Tim so since we are able to go to your timcoapi webpage could we basically build a website like this for free? I guess what I'm asking is besides the ugly url name that includes azurewebsites, is this basically a website?

  8. Hey Tim, I just deployed my API but there is a problem, The website was not showing my API home page but the default one. I went to the logs at the portal, and apparently it couldn't find the .Library. "Unhandled exception. System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'MyAppApi.Library, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. The system cannot find the file specified"..

    EDIT 1: After some further lookup, It seems like something is getting messed up when I try to publish and the API is getting built. If I build locally, it works fine. If I publish, as I said it does not work on Azure, but what I can't understand is that it doesnt even run locally. I have to rebuild of it to work, and so on and so forth.. I am lost..

    EDIT 2: Just to see what happens I embedded everything from the api.library to the api so I didnt have to deal with dlls, and it worked.. actually it worked great so yeah.. thats really weird.. What i think happens is that when I hit Publish, something goes wrong with the build and the Library dll does not get included..

    Do you think That I did something wrong ? Anyone else with the same issue?

  9. Offtopic: I know this course and your weekly challenge are being developed on a weekly bases, but out of curiosity, when will your next full course come out? Last one I believe came out Jan 22

  10. Question. I followed the video, twice and am still not seeing the login screen from the API. Is anyone else having this same issue it have they resolved it? Thanks in advance!

  11. Nice video.
    Id love if you added a more in depth explanation of the pricing of azure.
    like for example, what does 60 minutes of processing really mean? etc. 🙂
    Microsoft has a weird way of making simple pricing stuff complicated. If you're on a tight budget as a private person you really don't want to over do it 😀

  12. I have a question. How can somebody get the practice of sql server deployment if they can't afford the monthly fees for sql server hosting. I would suggest using sqlite so for those with no money can still do more with the course.

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