9 thoughts on “Hosting in Azure – Hosting a website on Azure | Serverless | Storage Account

  1. Before creating a CDN profile you need to point your azure account account to CDN provider, you can do it using powershell with this command Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Cdn

  2. Hi, I was following every single step and was able to configure the CDN, endpoint etc. Last step was to remove the html files from old hosting service ( as I previously copied over to $web folder in Azure ). After deletion, only index.html is accessible, clicking on any other link returns a 404 error. Though the SSL cert is installed and is displaying the index.html page, it seems the other pages are still read from old hosting service. Why isn't the website accessed from Azure yet ? my hosting provider added a CNAME record to point to the endpoint url. Is the website in this case running from CDN or still from my old hosting service ? Really appreciate your help. Thanks

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