Hosting Wordpress On Azure (Step by Step Tutorial)

Hosting in Azure – Hosting WordPress On Azure (Step by Step Tutorial)

Hosting WordPress On Azure (Step by Step Tutorial)

Hosting in Azure

In this tutorial we will deploy a WordPress blog on to an Azure App Service for Linux. Though there are many ways to deploy WordPress on Azure like deploying bitnami WordPress and WordPress for azure, we will go on traditional web deployment approach to have full control over the app resources on Azure.

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00:00 Introduction
00:19 Create App Service Linux
03:14 Create MySQL Database Server
07:30 Access Secure Shell SSH
09:20 Deploy WordPress
10:15 Connect Azure MySQL Database from MySQL WorkBench
13:02 Create a Database for WordPress Application
13:42 Configure WordPress Installation
18:47 Scale Up/Down App Service Plan
19:53 Configure SSL for WordPress on Azure

* Enable HTTPS only Protocol On
App Service -⫸ Settings -⫸ TLS/SSL Settings -⫸ Under Protocol Settings -⫸ Switch HTTPS only flag ‘On’
* Install Really Simple SSL Plugin for WordPress
In WordPress admin dashboard, go to add plugins and install Really Simple SSL plugin
In Really Simple SSL Configuration click on Go ahead, activate SSL
In settings Enable WordPress 301 redirection to SSL

If you want to point your wordpress to a custom domain I recommend you to check out my other videos on purchasing a custom domain on Azure. ( )

If you have an already existing domain purchased from the registrar like godaddy, you can check out the video on mapping a custom domain from Godaddy to an azure app service ( )

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Hosting in Azure

Hosting WordPress On Azure (Step by Step Tutorial)

20 thoughts on “Hosting in Azure – Hosting WordPress On Azure (Step by Step Tutorial)

  1. I love microsoft however these are a lot of steps just to run a wordpress site.
    In AWS with Lightsail you can do this actually in less than 2min, I don't know if theres a new update on Azure that can do this more quicker

  2. Hi, Thank you for this tuts! really enjoy it! I do have a question, with this setup, how do we handle the backup solutions? and also is there anyway that we can just whitelist the server IP coming in into the mysql server?

  3. Thanks a lot.It was really helpful.Could you please guide me how to increase the theme size if we want to upload a theme file more than 2Mb?When I tried to upload a theme file,I am getting an error like this "The link you followed has expired.

    Please try again."

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