Best Web Hosting For WordPress - ALL Major Providers RANKED! [2021]

Hosting in English – Best Web Hosting For WordPress – ALL Major Providers RANKED! [2021]

Best Web Hosting For WordPress – ALL Major Providers RANKED! [2021]

Hosting in English

What is the best web hosting for WordPress in 2021? I’ve spent 6+ months testing and I think I finally have a definitive answer.
► SiteGround 50% OFF ➜ Overall)
► Hostinger 90% OFF ➜ (Best Budget Option)
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► Bluehost 60% OFF ➜ (Best for Beginners)
► InterServer 50% OFF ➜
In this video I will review all major web hosting companies and present them ranked from worst to best. I have individual reviews for all companies mentioned on my channel if you want more information. But if you’re looking for the best WordPress hosting, look no further than this video! When ranking these web hosting companies I took into consideration more than just speed. I ranked them based on factors such as price/ease of use/speed/support & overall quality. So watch till the end to find out the best web hosting companies in 2021!
Time Table

00:00 – Intro
00:52 – HostGator
03:40 – GoDaddy
05:58 – InfinityFree
06:50 – 000WebHost
07:23 – Namecheap
09:13 – A2Hosting
09:45 – ScalaHosting
11:05 – InMotion Hosting
12:30 – HostPapa
14:39 – Dreamhost
15:50 – Bluehost
17:20 – InterServer
18:39 – Hostinger
20:15 – SiteGround

S tier (Unique, providers that offer the best services)

– SiteGround ➜ (best overall)
– Hostinger ➜ (best price to performance ratio) use code EMITREVIEWS for extra 10% OFF
– InterServer ➜ (best price)

A Tier (Excellent providers for specific audiences)

– Bluehost ➜ (Best for Beginners & WordPress)
– HostPapa ➜
– Dreamhost ➜

B Tier (Good providers for specific kind of websites, mostly focused around 1 feature)

– A2Hosting ➜ (Fast Speed)
– ScalaHosting ➜ (Great VPS/Cloud)
– InMotion Hosting ➜ (Best For Large Business)

C Tier (Better priced options are available, but still handle a website well)

– HostGator ➜
– GoDaddy ➜

D Tier (Not worth using from my personal experience)

– Namecheap ➜
– InfinityFree (free)
– 000WebHosting (free)
In this video I FULLY tested and used all of the services mentioned for over half a year just to bring you this video. I’ve spent a month working everyday just to edit this video, let alone test the providers and write the script. So you could have the best resource out there when choosing a web hosting provider!

My best web hosting for wordpress tier list consists of 14 companies in total. You can get discounts for each company mentioned by using my links. Good luck creating your websites!

I am affiliated, but not sponsored by any hosting provider. This means I might make money when you purchase hosting services through the links provided and I might be able to offer discounts when available. All of my opinions on this channel are always mine!

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Hosting in English

Best Web Hosting For WordPress – ALL Major Providers RANKED! [2021]

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  1. This video took me MONTHS of research and I've poured all my know-how an experiences of web hosting that I've accumulated over the last 5 years. It took straight 4 weeks to just edit around ~200 hours in total. So you could have the best viewing experience possible. So if you could hit that like button it would be extremely appreciated! Also if you have any opinions about this list yourself feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for being a viewer and supporting the channel! If you plan to make any purchases you can get significant discounts through the links in the description.

  2. Uhm… okay so I stumbled upon this video and I just find the best editor of ThE YoUtuBe… dang what a great video, learnt a lot of things and I also laughed a lot 😉 (I even learnt that France has been bought by spain ! 😉 hehe jkjk) That's when I looked at the viewcount and subcounter. WHAT THE HELL MAN ??? This whole time I thought you had something like 69M subs … you deserve so much more !!! Keep it up ! we'll be here to support you and share your vids anytime !
    Love it!

  3. The second you create your own meme racking on another already insane commercial made me want to click the subscribe button until it broke my mouse. Your personality makes these strenuous decisions enjoyable.

  4. tried to use your coupon code but the system cancelled the payment and detected 1 usd and directed me to other page in which the coupon option isn't available

  5. Emit, I want to create a few sites through WordPress. I'm wondering what the top (main) differences are between WordPress hosting and web hosting are before I choose. Can you help by telling me the difference and what plan would be best for someone starting out with 2 sites? Ps. Love your work and thank you for the info and links!

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