Is It Too Late To Start An Airbnb Business? Hosting in 2020

Hosting in English – Is It Too Late To Start An Airbnb Business? Hosting in 2020

Is It Too Late To Start An Airbnb Business? Hosting in 2020

Hosting in English

No one can argue that Airbnb has made people a lot of money. You’ve asked, is it still a good time to start an Airbnb business. Here’s my breakdown. We will teach you the different ways people or companies use airbnb and what you should consider in 2019 before making any decisions.

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Hosting in English

Is It Too Late To Start An Airbnb Business? Hosting in 2020

40 thoughts on “Hosting in English – Is It Too Late To Start An Airbnb Business? Hosting in 2020

  1. It would be nice if Airbnb would align with all the major tourisms actors and remove their fees if the trip is cancelled. It is definitely quite unfair to keep the money of a deal that just couldn't go through. So far, Airbnb is not moving anywhere near such a measure. Is money the only thing they understand? It had to come from the U.S.A. for sure…

  2. We were BLOWN AWAY by the apartment we bnb’d in Prauge…it was SO CHEAP due to strength of dollar & stunningly beautiful. ….Been hosting for a few years now & still love it but your right, regulations are starting to make it tough to do

  3. Hi I have a couple questions I hope you can answer for me please. #1 I want to start an Airbnb profit shearing business . I'd like to list Other People's Properties on my Airbnb account and manage them for a set percentage of the profits .Is this possible? #2 If so, would I be responsible for all the start up cost or could I reasonably ask the owner to share in those expenses.#3 And the most important questions how do I make the owner feel at ease, making sure I get them the lion's share of the profits in the most timely manner possible without putting them to much into how I run my business . I 'm look forward to your answer and they will be greatly, greatly , appreciated!

  4. Hey there! My friend just got her very first Airbnb unit very excited for her 🙂 and then has gotten me interested in starting as well. I am interested in knowing how to look up my state laws regarding rental arbitrage instead of reaching out to apartment by apartment

  5. For an appartment lease how is the utility Bill taken care of. Do I have to open an account at the utility company for that appartment or house. How does that work? Cable as well.

  6. Hello Sean, is it entirely necessary to obtain the llc?, Any seminars in central Florida?, I'm right smack in the middle of Orlando, Tampa and Winter Haven, it sounds like a smart concept to generate income.

  7. Would like to host in the city of Miami (not Miami Beach), is there anything in particular that I need to know to list? From what I gathered I just need a business license and to pay the hotel tax if a guest is staying 6 months or less.

  8. if the room’s rent is $1500 a month and I set the room for $60 a month on Airbnb, I’ll need 30nights booked to make profit. But if I set over $100 a night, that will be too much. I did some research on Airbnb, the area I might be staying in the future the price is usually under $100. So I wonder if I’m doing cohost, how is that going to convince the owner?

  9. your the best, do you have consulting or pay for question and answers, as I need a few questions answered with visibility, search impressions, listing page views, how do they work, and if views are low should we switch pictures until there are views and how important are market median?

  10. What is your monthly portfolio net after all expenses are paid (rent, cleaning, managers) I know u gross $180k just wanted to see how much percentage I can expect to keep after running my AIRBNB business.

  11. this is a huge scam. this guy doesn't own anything and is essentially stealing potential revenue from the actual owner of the property. he admits he owns nothing, and he's exploiting the owners of these properties. Pathetic how much positive feedback this is getting. Pretty much theft.

  12. What do you think of the Honolulu market in Hawaii? I know they put some strict regulations on non owner occupied units. Still over 6600 units, and there having issues enforcing it due to costs involved, thoughts ?

  13. Hey Sean @airbnbautomated. Its Scotty Mesz in Miami. Thanks for the videos brother. Yes I have questions
    How would you get your own properties for airbnb? I do luxury proptys. I am calling realtors and I have
    met with alot of resistance. Meaning the realtor is already doing the property mgmt or the home
    owner is. In that case, I say to them hey are you open to me marketing the property and sending you revenue.
    They of course say yes but then they say I dont want you to put it up on airbnb or vrbo. I always ask Why. They
    say because then it will be a duplicate listing and then clients will think its not legit since its at different pricing. I have explained to them Its just like looking for a flight online and finding same flight for different pricing. They still say no.
    What would you do? This doesnt seem to be working biz model in calling realtors.

  14. I'm in Philadelphia and looking to get into my first airbnb property. Could you shed some light on what specific areas in Philly you are having success in? I have been running numbers on properties mostly in the center city/ rittenhouse area, and it seems like the returns wouldn't be all that great.

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