37 thoughts on “Hosting in Firebase – How to set up Authentication using Firebase (Web)

  1. Logout button is not working , It has some errors please help me Uncaught TypeError: mainApp.logOut is not a function
    at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (main.html?mode=select:11)

  2. I got this error halfway…why? please help

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ';'
    login.js:2 Uncaught TypeError: firebase.auth is not a function
    at login.js:2
    at login.js:36

  3. I would've thought one purpose of having an authentication system was so that it could provide the user with a personalised experience of the website. For instance, once signing in, the user is added to Firebase's Realtime Database. The user's 'name property' is the one it gives to sign up with. An element's content contains the message: 'Hello 'username'. Does UI Auth connect to Firebase's Realtime Database to do this?

  4. I do not even know why you are to fast, if you would ask yourself this question. This tutorial has everything I need but I can not see what is actually happening. You can be really slow and educative trust me…

  5. Great video but i just have a question. Everything worked for me and I tried using this to create a chrome extension. So i created a manifest file but when I load it into the browser the sign in option doesnt come. It only displays "Welcome to my Awesome app" and "Loading…"

  6. Shalom Gabriel!
    I have a question/comment regarding the login UI:
    1. When I try to sign in with an e-mail address that isn't in my firebase I get notified that the user does not exist rather than getting a prompt to create a new user. Is this because of any settings in firebase or has the API been changed as of May 2020?

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