GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting - Setup Wizard Walkthrough

Hosting in Godaddy – GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough

Hosting in Godaddy

GoDaddy has been working hard on their Managed WordPress Hosting product lately; specifically, with the on-boarding of new clients. In this video, I take a walk …

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Hosting in Godaddy

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough

42 thoughts on “Hosting in Godaddy – GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough

  1. Hey, is the WordPress user name and password from Godaddy entry point the same details as the WordPress site it's self? Or is it a separate login process and should I keep the separate details in a safe place and NOT share with WordPress site log in.

  2. I have a GoDaddy hosted website so I am not setting up a new site. I was using iWeb to manage it now that iWeb is no longer supported by Apple. I want to move to WordPress to manage and update my website. I don't see a WordPress option when I sign into GoDaddy. How can I link GoDaddy and WordPress?

  3. I followed all the steps and got my site ready. I have 1 issue, I can't login into wordpress using my username and password, I have to go to godaddy account and then try to get to wordpress from there. And don't we need cpanel or something with this ?

  4. Thank you for the video! I have a quick question: I already have one account with Godaddy Deluxe Managed WordPress – I've purchased a second Deluxe Managed WordPress to create a second website, but I'm stuck after the "building a new site" selection. Is there a way to tie my existing wordpress account to this second hosting package? Or am I to create a new WordPress account entirely? Thank you so much for any help!!

  5. Hey, I purchased a domain from godaddy but when I tried to build the website through manage wordpress, it automatically builds temporary website and I didn't found any option of pick a domain while in the process. Can you please help me with that?

  6. I bought a domain name from Godaddy but ,

    I want a hosting from siteground including wordpress theme. After buying hosting how I will update my website business plan on wordpress?

    Can I use only godaddy's ssl certification?

  7. Question: I already have an established website on GoDaddy and I just posted my first blog there. NOw that I am rethinking this and learning about WordPress, I want my blog to be on the GoDaddy managed wordpress. How do I do this? To get the Managed wordpress thru GoDaddy, it necessary to set up a second website in order to do this? Im a little confused???!!!

  8. hi, nicely explained. I got everything still one query is there. Have hosting after watching this video. I have a lifestyle blog (registered with GoDaddy) on blogger platform,
    1. now WHICH OPTION SHOULD I CLICK, when GoDaddy ask:
    – I'm building a brand new site
    – I'm migrating an existing site
    For you, it can be an easy or stupid question but only this step is stopping me to do anything. 🙁

    2. Also clear me if a site/blog is on blogger that means hosting is with blogger??
    Kindly answer soon. I will be grateful.

  9. Just wasted 10mins. You started off this tutorial perfectly showing the Godaddy wordpress install. However, then you morphed this tutorial into showing the WordPress customizer, even telling me what a yes button does and what a no button does. I have no idea what the hosting dashboard is like and what features it contains, FTP, email, ssl, file manager etc. I don't know if it's a custom interface or cPanel.
    Hope my feedback helps you to create better tutorials in the future.

  10. You’re really good at presenting stuff. Very pro. If that was in one take I’m impressed.
    I’m signing up tomorrow when I get paid. This looks really nice and easy.

    Purchased 7 domains including a premium domain on 6th of nov 2017 . Till date struggling with them to get the domain. After 3 days all the domains are still available on the site with double the premium price what i had already paid for. Shame on them . Soon will upload a brief detailed video on all social networking sites search for Godaddy Cheated Again .

  12. I want to write articles at my website that i recently launched via goDaddy.
    But I m not getting any way to add such content. I feeling helpless. Anyone please suggest me as I am new to website building

  13. wp smackdown can you please help me on my problem?
    i created a site and installed wordpress but when i add its address in the tab it shows
    Future home of something quite cool.
    If you're the site owner, log in to launch this site

    If you are a visitor, check back soon.

  14. Hi. I am about to set up a website using GoDaddy's Managed WordPress hosting. If I select the wizard setup, am I stuck with the Free Beaver Builder page builder, or could I switch to the free Elementor or Site Origin page builders? I have read that those are really good page builders and I want to get some experience using one of them. Not against Beaver Builder though as I read it was good also.

  15. Hi there. I've just purchased the WordPress hosting with GoDaddy, but I'm confused as to which WordPress it is now? Is it .com or .org. I'm hoping the latter as I have purchased a theme to add. Can you help with this question?
    Thanks in advance.

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