Is GoDaddy Hosting Any Good? | GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

Hosting in Godaddy – Is GoDaddy Hosting Any Good? | GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

Is GoDaddy Hosting Any Good? | GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

Hosting in Godaddy

Is GoDaddy hosting any good? Here is my honest experience in my GoDaddy web hosting review.

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Hosting in Godaddy

Is GoDaddy Hosting Any Good? | GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

19 thoughts on “Hosting in Godaddy – Is GoDaddy Hosting Any Good? | GoDaddy Web Hosting Review

  1. I don't know about their hosting, but whatever you do, never ever ever EVER buy a domain name through Godaddy because you will never ever be able to transfer it to another server. I have gone though an absolute nightmare with this fckin' scam company all year, they just will not release my domain after talking with their customer service 20 billion times, and now they made my domain name completely disappear so I have no access to it at all. Just STAY AWAY from this company at all costs! F them!

  2. I have had a great experience with godaddy before.
    With my experience I had
    99.8% uptime
    Very fast servers
    Great support
    but that might be because i had a better plan

  3. You have no idea what this means man I got to tell you I already have Austin with them and I'm having a lot of nightmares but your videos have helped me and confirmed all my suspicions I'm going to be switching because of you You can take that to the bank

  4. All I have is what ive experienced with GoDaddy. If you want to buy a .Com it may be fine. However, I purchased a product 2 years ago. I don't have much time and have been working on it as I could. 9 months ago features started to disappear. I called, waited, waited, waited and then got someone who couldn't help me, took my number and said they would get back with me the next day. No Call. I called back and went through the whole thing again except when they said they would call back, I said forget it because I would be back to work. I keep trying to build my site. Then I would start logging on and my site was changed! My moving background was a still picture, whole blocks of text were moved, my pictures were layered behind their backgrounds, hours and hours of work that I had to redo… and yes, I save each and every time I change something! Skip to 2 weeks ago. I log in because im almost done though its no longer what I wanted because Ive had to change and do without things because features have changed, and all I need is 2 more navigation buttons….AND THERE ARENT ANY! So I call…. and S.S.D.D. All they wanted is to sell me an upgrade when I spent $268 or so dollars for a product that disintegrated out from under me as I was building it. I finally asked for a reimbursement for a product that I purchased but no longer was what I bought. They wont do it. So beaware. I still have my .coms, but If I can figure out how to move them some where else and pay someone to park them, I will. GoDaddy is out of reach so they don't have to deal with their poor products. They will change what you purchased anytime they think they can make a buck and they don't care about you because they've already got your money. Buyer beware.

  5. I have had hosting service and I have purchase domains from Goddady for more than ten years, and as years go by I am more and more dissatisfied with their service and their business practices, their tech assistance is nonexistent, their technicians are only there to sell you more products, I recently purchased their SSL Certificate which they charged me around $80 and they leaved me alone with the installation of the certificate which never worked, they will not offer any technical help, they will offer you to install it for you, for which they charge hundreds, I have already started to migrate my hosting and websites to Asphostportal. I also don't need to purchase any SSL since they offer free SSL certificate.

  6. just bought my domain on GoDaddy two weeks ago with a punch of extras added to my cart, I thought it would help my new e-commerce website & business 🙁 and I thought that they have great technical support and services as always cheering and shinning their name 🙁

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