PrestaShop v1.5 Installation Guide, Hosted on Godaddy

Hosting in Godaddy – PrestaShop v1.5 Installation Guide, Hosted on Godaddy

PrestaShop v1.5 Installation Guide, Hosted on Godaddy

Hosting in Godaddy

In this video I show you how to install PrestaShop v1.5.2 onto a Godaddy economy web hosting account.

You can view the written tutorial at:

I also cover a few optional steps in both the video and written tutorial. I show you how to:
turn off PHP magic quotes
turn on allow_url_fopen
set an upload_tmp_dir and session.save_path to make some PrestaShop errors go away.

While this tutorial uses a Godaddy web hosting account, much of the information can be used to setup PrestaShop with other hosting providers.

you search:

Hosting in Godaddy

PrestaShop v1.5 Installation Guide, Hosted on Godaddy

32 thoughts on “Hosting in Godaddy – PrestaShop v1.5 Installation Guide, Hosted on Godaddy

  1. @CreatingaWebstore  Hi creating, a webstore, i bought a domainname on nunames and use godaddy as webhost, but after i moved all the files to rootfolder and am ready to install, when i visit my website it goes to nunames and says the domain is registered but not pointing to a customer website. what did i do wrong?

  2. ive got up to the part.."Please complete the fields below in order for PrestaShop to connect to your database."
    How do i find my Database server address as godaddy doesnt look like your video anymore 🙁

  3. Thank you so much for creating this video.  It was extremely helpful.  I should mention, however, that Presta has a newer version, so many of the tasks you do are no longer necessary (or possible) as some of the files have changed.  Nonetheless, I felt much better installing Prestashop after watching this.

  4. The only obstacle I can think of is PrestaShop not accepting subdomains. As long as you can enter a subdomain as your URL (which I believe you can but I didn't try) you're fine. So when setting up your store, instead of entering your URL as domain(.)net you would enter sub(.)domain(.)net.

  5. I'm not 100% sure if PrestaShop takes subdomains but you can try…

    To install on a subdomain, you can create a directory in your root named whatever you want and point the subdomain of your choice at that directory. Then pages from that directory will be shown when someone visits your site via your subdomain. Godaddy explains how to setup subdomains here:­le/4652/managing-your-hosting-­account-subdomains

    Continued due to YouTube…

  6. First load might be slower bc your browser hasn't cached all the info and the cookies probably weren't set etc., but this process is normal for most sites. I had problems with Godaddy about 2 months ago… They were trying to say that my CMS was the issue, but in the end it was Godaddy. I switched to Hostgator and the response time is really good. I paid a little more with Hostgator, but it was worth it. I also hear Bluehost is good. For something cheaper, some say SiteGround ("might" be good).

  7. Do you have any suggestions for faster but similar cheap hosting?
    For godaddy after first load site performance looks better (load time ~4s) but first load… : (

  8. I don't have PrestaShop installed. I only installed it for demonstration purposes. As far as performance is concerned, I've been having trouble with Godaddy hosting being slow. When this is the case, performance tuning won't help.

  9. Hi
    I have prestashop 1.5.4 on GoDaddy hosting and it works extremly slow.
    load time > 10s, wait time >8s (use tools_pingdom_c_o_m for biofresh-kh_c_o_m).
    Additionally Smarty optimisation causes additional errors.
    Could you please provide yours settings and performance results?
    Thanks in advance.

  10. Thanks for the kind comment!

    I also appreciate the tip about removing the info.php file 🙂 I should have mentioned it, but I figured people will remove it after finishing the install. In the future when I do a video and if it's necessary to create a info.php file, I will mention removing it.

  11. This thing can be fixed by going to file manager–>setting—>enable history and see the deleted files there. Click on the files and get it resorted by clicking the restore button. After that go to settings and click disable the history to see the current files in the file manager.

  12. Hello,

    Thank you very much for creating such a beautiful step by step video…. I think Prestashop shoud put this video in its How to's section :-))))

    One Important thing is you forgot to mention is to delete the info.php which may be a threat to security as one can get the information of your php installation and its paths by typing info.php at the end of the url

  13. Hey Alan,

    If you read further down in the comments here, you will notice that someone had the exact same error. This what they said they did "I fixed it by configuring a .htaccess file in my root directory."

  14. Did you delete any of the files in your account? From my experience people are usually missing such files when they delete them accidentally. You can alway ask Godaddy to restore your hosting account to default setup.

  15. Hey!

    It looks to me like some files were improperly installed. In the error it's basically saying that a file is missing. I would delete the install completely and redo everything step by step slowly and carefully.

    Also I see you are installing in the prestashop directory and not in the root… Do you want it installed like that?

  16. I upload all the files, and move them but when I tried to enter my domain, this error appear:

    Warning: require(/home/content/11/9023111/html/prestashop/config/ [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/content/11/9023111/html/prestashop/index.php on line 27

    Help me! U.U

  17. Thank you so much for this, worked really well for me and I have no problems with uploading images. I use Google Chrome and Mac 10.5.8. This video really saved me a lot of time researching how to install it. Thank you so much once again!

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