Building a web hosting solution on Google Cloud Platform GCP

Hosting in Google Cloud – Building a web hosting solution on Google Cloud Platform GCP

Building a web hosting solution on Google Cloud Platform GCP

Hosting in Google Cloud

Let me take you through a journey on how to setup a Virtual Machine (VM) on GCP which serves the purpose of hosting multiple websites just like how you get …

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Hosting in Google Cloud

Building a web hosting solution on Google Cloud Platform GCP

30 thoughts on “Hosting in Google Cloud – Building a web hosting solution on Google Cloud Platform GCP

  1. Thank you Mr.Rohit, its been really helpful to me, as I a infant in techno. I appreciate for your valuable time and talent..I was eagerly wait for the SSL Installation and WordPress. Please If Possible, reply me with the comment.Looking Forward with another videos. Thank you once again.

  2. Thanks Dear Rohit for sharing such a valueable information in such an easy way. Kindly guide me on the following case 10 websites with 1000 – 10000 users per day how much machine power and memory is sufficient?

  3. hi, your video is very informative thank you very much. may i ask if there is a part 2 for this one since sql has not been introduced. sorry i am just a beginner and i want to use this google cloud with a database website.

  4. Hi Rohit I followed your instruction and intsalled Centos8 in Google cloud and create custom firewall but Cant install Vesta Cpanel. Error in Installation."Errors during downloading metadata for repository 'vesta':- Status code: 404 for (IP: Failed to download metadata for repo 'vesta': Cannot download repomd.xml: Cannot download repodata/repomd.xml: All mirrors were tried" this was the error I get Please Help

  5. Thanks for your great time spent by showing how we can easily create a Cloud Hosting account. I haven't try it yet but by watching every step am very glad that I visit or come across your page. Once again, thanks for your time spent to make this helpful video available.

  6. Great resource I found after long research.
    I have few queries. Please kindly assist me .
    1. I have almost 30 dynamic site, and 50 static 5 pages site. Traffic is low. What can be ideal hardware requirements initially in your guess?
    2. Which one will be cheaper AWS or GCP?
    3. Can I use vesta for multi user?
    4. How can I create custom dns with my own domain?
    5. Do you have any video of the same for aws?

  7. It Works! I now have a web-server hosting 3 sites in the Google cloud! It would have been a little easier if you provided the commands to copy and paste. But other than that, well done.

  8. Hi Rohit, worked though your tutorial, very informative and everything worked. I was messing around with wordpress and managed to get it installed, without using an ssl certificate in the public_html directory, however, I went to cloudflare and got a free ssl cert. I then backtracked an installed wordpress in my public_shtml directory, and managed to install and connect to wordpress using (no padlock etc), In an attempt to get ssl working I changed the nameservers at the domain registrar to cloudflares nameservers, on trying to install the cloudflare flexible ssl plugin in wordpress, I had problems connecting the plugin to my ftp server (it requires you to do this in order to activate the plugin). It just refused to connect, Filezilla connected no problem with the same credentials. I was wondering if there's an easier way to install wordpress with an ssl certificate rather than having to go through cloudflare?, Thank you very much for taking the time to produce a very helpful video, I have learned a lot. Am looking forward to your video on installing wordpress, hopefully it will include a solution for the ssl issue also, kinds regards, Eden.

  9. Hi Rohit!!!! your video was really helpful, can you kindly provide me a list of the commands you used during these tutorials…i would appreciate it if you could create a video where whm/cpanel is installed on GCP

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