11 thoughts on “Hosting in Google Cloud – Google Cloud Platform pricing philosophy

  1. Not sure how Google Cloud is cheaper than other services – I've been using it few times and compared it with competition (mainly DigitalOcean), and DO was always a lot cheaper and offered same performance… Only downside of DO is that you have to know more about configuring machines/nodes/load balancing/etc, but in my testings I payed around 10 times less, so… yeah… 🙂

  2. One of the best video I have ever seen in the context of Google Cloud Platform pricing philosophy. Google Cloud Platform has matched the market-leader´s price reductions like-for-like in recent years. Indeed, Google has initiated many rounds of price reductions by being the first to cut its prices which makes it more stable. https://www.parkmycloud.com/cloud-pricing-comparison/

    Google cloud platform has been implemented many ecstatic services like new classes of the machine which may bring some dramatic and reliable changes in cloud pricing.

  3. Thats nice and all but the pricing thing is a blantant lie. Pricing is really complex, tbh unless you are willing to spend many hours playing around with calculators and also have detailed statistics on the resources your apps gonna consume you might as well take a random guess, you won't know how much you are gonna get charged until you try it out.

  4. If Moore's Law Pricing is the standard, wouldn't it be leasable to bill at the ms level vs. the Minute level? Cell phone companies from the 80's bill at the minute level. If you're capable of billing of Time (ms) X Data (billions of rows) I'm sure within that 1 minute the CPU ranges from 1% Processing to 100% Processing Power when churning datasets. This is a quantitative world now. Per minute billing sounds antiquated and google of all companies should run a live billing process at the same level of the services they offer. Quantitative Computing vis a vis shall equal Quantitative billing at the same rate if not faster than Moore's Law. Of course this is just my opinion. <3 JSON W1SD0M

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