Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform

Hosting in Google Cloud – Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform

Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform

Hosting in Google Cloud

How do you manage WordPress files on Google Cloud without CPanel? In this tutorial, you’ll learn step-by-step how to manage your WordPress files on Google Cloud using Google Cloud SDK and FileZilla SFTP.

View the full tutorial with each command listed individually with images:

If you experience insufficient permission errors, check out this tutorial for the solution:

Check out the entire WordPress on Google Cloud series at:

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Hosting in Google Cloud

Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform

37 thoughts on “Hosting in Google Cloud – Manage WordPress Files on Google Cloud Platform

  1. Could you make a video about why all my woo-commerce plugins are activated but not functioning on my bitnami wordpress google cloud platform? i am trying to build a vendor-managed wordpress website but all my wocommerce plugin addons are not working because of permission errors. Please help

  2. this is what i got at the end of the putty box. ERROR: (gcloud.beta.compute.ssh) Could not fetch resource:

    – Insufficient Permission: Request had insufficient authentication scopes.

  3. Hello there, i need to help. My system is doen and i am trying to backup but ı dont know codes. If there is someone can be help me, pls connect my computer via teamviewer. I have ftp file, vm but there is no connection. I think some file broken like Wp-config.php I broke it a lot more when I wanted to fix it.

  4. When I got to the point of pasting the SSH command line into the SDK shell, I got an error which said, "gcloud…" is not a recognized command…. I'm dead in the water. Any fix for this?

  5. First of all, thanks for all your tutorials. I don't think I could have made the transition to GCS without them! I am using Cyberduck on Mac but got everything to work in terms of connecting. I am having a problem though… It connects me to a folder containing no files. I when to the home folder and found the wordpress files in /var/www/html, but I do not have permissions to edit/delete. How do I change permissions?

  6. Hey Joe..
    I just followed your steps. Done with all the steps and found the bitnami folder in filezila but i can see only .ssh file there. No more files.. Also not able to find my WordPress folder there..
    Not sure if i have missed any step. Can you please help?

  7. After having completed this wonderful walk-thru I just thought I would add a few notes. Google seems to have made some updates to this software so let the sdk software guide you a bit more through the process I did not have the issue with PUTTY though I did see SDK seemed to work out the errors for me, I just followed the software I came out a bit ahead of him on the video tutorial. When you change your credentials be VERY CAREFUL Replace "bitnami" EXACTLY where you credentials were removed if you get an error do it again it will work! …also afterwards you won't have the permissions to make changes via Filezilla … i found this thread in the community that helped

    thank you for this tutorial liked and subscribed!

  8. wow, great tutorial, I got everything set up, however prior to doing this tutorial, I somehow deleted or misplaced my htdocs and apps folders contents. so I see a ? on the folder. Would it be as simple as copying and pasting, currently i can't get in the wp-admin due to changing the domain name from the ip address. That tutorial didn't go as smooth.
    advice would be amazing.

  9. Hey there,
    I edited the wp-config.php file and now I'm trying to upload the file to google cloud via sftp via filezilla but when i do this the file uploaded is completely empty in the server.
    I've tried already with other ftp clients (WinSCP) and disabled my firewall but still have the same problem. i changed the permissions to 777 before i upload the file. I also removed some files (images) because i was thinking that the problem was the space on the disk but still have the same problems. Can someone help me with this?

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