34 thoughts on “Hosting in Google Cloud – Setting up Email for Websites on Google Cloud

  1. If i use zoho as my mail server, How can i see my client's info in that, like client's inbox,general info,sent mail..?

    And I am an android developer . How can i get the user's info from server and show it in my app .Is there any API for that?

  2. For some reason my Zoho mail that feeds from the host will no longer accept credentials when trying to set it up as an account in Gmail.

    My username and proof are both correct?

  3. I have been going round and round all day!!!! Thanks to your video and you showing that the priority number needs to precede the domain in the MX record solved my setup fiasco. Thank You!!!! I'm subscribed!

  4. Hey Joe! You have helped me out countless times and I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU! for everything you have done so far helping people out. You are very appreciated. Thank you!

  5. Allright Joe. Brilliant video. Was trying to do this with mailgun and not a chance. The vpsf would never authenticate. First time with your video. Here is why I found my way here: When I have done the gcp wp install, cert, all is fine. WP site at the correct dns name bookmine.online (got this far with your other cracking videos). Only problem I am now facing is that core WP emails don't get sent. (I haven't tried since setting up zoho verify that is next). When I try to change my email from [email protected]example.com it doesn't send. User erg, Woo orders etc. Do I now have to set up SMTP with the zoho details and then put those details in to WP Mail SMTP? I figure that when I install WP cert bitnami and the SMTP Plugin is there inactive for a reason. If you could point me in the direction of setting this up much appreciated my man. Off to work in the physical world. Look forward to your reply.

  6. Hi, I have recently switched my wordpress website to google cloud platform, since then i do not receive any inquiry email generated by my WpForm. I am losing my customers, can you please help me. I do not know what to do. I have checked, everything i perfect, i have checked email i am using in wp form, and its all fine. But when someone submit form and click send, i do not receive that inquiry. Please help.

    Thanks in advance

  7. Hey Joe, any chance of doing a video with a service like Yandex or another provider that gives access to IMAP/POP without paying? The biggest issue with Zoho is that they require you to use the web portal to access email. You cannot use Thunderbird or Outlook!

  8. Hi, thank you for your great videos. I really appreciate your work and time. I have a quick question regarding to this video. Is necessary change the MX of the email address if they are setting up an running on my registrar? (in my case godaddy). Normally i use gmail or gsuite accounts only. Thanks in advance.

  9. Thanks for this; extremely helpful, short and to the point. FYI: TTL does not mean what you said. It stands for time to live and is a value corresponding to how long a request will survive, hopping around the Internet before it's destroyed.

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