12 Zoom meeting tips every host should know #zoom #zoomhost #feisworld

hosting in zoom – 12 Zoom meeting tips every host should know #zoom #zoomhost #feisworld

12 Zoom meeting tips every host should know #zoom #zoomhost #feisworld

hosting in zoom

In this video, I break down 12 of the basic and advanced features and best practices every host should know.

1. Know your audience
2. Not assume your attendees are experts (gallery vs. speaker view)
3. Share screen
4. Whiteboard
5. iPhone/smartphone Airplay or cable
6. Share Computer Sound
7. Optimize Screen share for video clips
8. Advanced feature – share computer audio-only, multiple screens, and files from Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
9. How to draw on screen and save
10. Recording to computer and iCloud
11. The use of reaction and chats during the meeting
12. Facebook and YouTube Live directly from Zoom

In separate videos, I’ll be sharing the use of breakout rooms and how to run a successful webinar using Zoom for artistic, musical, and fitness sessions.

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hosting in zoom

12 Zoom meeting tips every host should know #zoom #zoomhost #feisworld

35 thoughts on “hosting in zoom – 12 Zoom meeting tips every host should know #zoom #zoomhost #feisworld

  1. That's one of the best instructional videos on computer software I have seen. Your delivery is so natural, yet I know it took preparation to get the demonstration screens to appear just right. And the tips were valuable and to the point. No time was wasted.

  2. As a teacher, I have to see all of the students in Zoom at all times. This is difficult because I usually have a lot of screens open and toggle from one to another throughout the lesson. I need to have that Brady Bunch style view of my students on a separate monitor and it allows me to use all of the available space on my main computer. I was thinking of getting a super wide curved screen to eliminate the need for two monitors. Thoughts?

  3. I was watching your tutorial on tips for Zoom. I tried your tip about using the "Portion of Screen, found on the whiteboard under "Advance". I clicked on it and I am very sorry I did. The thing is, I can't get rid of it. I teach for a high school and our district chose Zoom as our platform to teach and hold meetings. Before I use the "Share Screen", I always line up all the videos, google docs, power points that I will need to pull up during my lecture. Well when I start my first sharing, the goal of the portion of the screen was to hide what's on my desktop. Well, when I want to switch to another video, the Green box only lets my students see only one item. I cannot access anything else below on my desktop or go up and click on one of my tabs. My students told me they could not see anything if I chose something outside the green box that selects one part of my screen. I just want to get rind of that green square. IT IS NOT A "GREEN SCREEN"! I tried to get some support from zoom.us, but they keep sending me to the "How to set up a green screen for my background. I don't want that.
    Can you help me? I watched you video and learned a lot. Keep them coming, but I need to delete a tip.
    Thanks! Look forward from hearing from you.
    Terry Norman

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