How to Make a Website - Wix Tutorial for Beginners

Hosting of a Website – How to Make a Website – Wix Tutorial for Beginners

How to Make a Website – Wix Tutorial for Beginners

Hosting of a Website

Learn how you can create your own website using Wix.

Let’s get started!


00:00 Intro

00:54 Creating an account in Wix

01:40 Choosing a design for your website

02:34 Adding your content to the design

05:14 Publishing the site on the internet

06:35 Logging into Wix

07:27 Part 2 – Changing different parts on your site

07:40 Changing Menu

08:25 Changing Logo

09:58 Changing site’s appearance in Google search results.

11:40 Creating a new page on your site

15:58 Changing the Appearance of elements on your new page

17:30 Optimizing your site for mobile view

19:50 Removing Ad on your site

To create your own site using Wix,

We’re going to do 4 steps

1. Create an account in Wix

To create an account in Wix, click here ➔

Sign up with your details and your account will be created.

2. Choose a design for your site

Click ‘Choose a template’ and choose any template you want.

3. Adding content to your site

Now click ‘Edit this site’ and you can change anything like text, images etc.

To edit other pages, go to the page you want to edit and start editing.

4. Publishing your site on the internet.

To publish, Click ‘Publish’ ► Enter the name you want for your site ► Click

‘Save & Continue’

So now you’ve successfully published your site.

Let’s say you want to make changes to this site later.

To do that, Go to ► Click ‘Sign in’ and then log in to your site

And now click ‘Edit site’ and you can make the changes.

=== PART 2: Changing Different Parts of Your Website ===

1. Changing the Menu.

To change the Menu ► Click it and then select ‘Manage Menu’

And you can edit your menu just by drag & drop.

2. Changing the logo.

Click on the default logo ► Click ‘Delete’

Now Click ‘Choose Image’ & drag & drop the image you want.

3. Changing site Appearance on Google search results

Go to Pages ► Home ► SEO

Now you can change the site title and add the description you want.

So this is how you can change different parts of your website.

Next let’s see how you can create a new page.

To create a new page, Go to Pages ► Add Page ► Enter the name you want for your page, Now you can add content on this page like heading,
buttons, images etc.

You can also change the color of the text you want.

Now you know how your website looks on desktops & laptops.

But how will this site look on a mobile phone?

To see your site on mobile view click on the mobile view and your site will be optimized automatically for mobile.

Now to change your site’s appearance on mobile view, just make the change in mobile mode.

So this is how you can optimize your site for mobile view.

So now, you’ve successfully created your own site and optimized it for mobile view.

Now if you visit your site, you can see that you have an Ad for

Now how do you remove this ad?

So to remove this Ad, we’re going to do 2 steps

1. Upgrade your plan in Wix

To upgrade, Click ‘Upgrade Now’ and you will get different plans which you can choose.

Choose the plan you want and Select the duration you want

Now enter your details and then click ‘Submit.

So now if you go to your site and click ‘Refresh’

You can see that you no longer have the Ad.

2. Get your own domain name

Now if you see your site address it has some extra text.

So to remove this extra text you need a domain name.

As you’ve upgraded your plan you will get the domain name free for 1 Year.

Once you’ve got your domain name, you can visit your site using the domain name.

Now you can see the site you’ve built.

So that’s it, Guys!

This is how you can create your own website using Wix.


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Hosting of a Website

How to Make a Website – Wix Tutorial for Beginners

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